Trade Show Display

Trade Show Display

Make sure your trade show display fits all your needs now and into the future.

You need a trade show display booth for an upcoming event. You have selected your display and you are ready to move forward. The first question on your mind is, how soon can I get my display? Its never a good idea to procrastinate when planning for your next trade show booth, but sometimes it is unavoidable. So what are some of the most important turnaround considerations?

Use Show Displays for any eventIn the business world of today, trade show displays have a growing number of uses, outside of trade shows, conventions, and other face-to-face events. Since the time that I began thinking about trade show exhibits many months ago I have been amazed at how many various places I have seen full displays, or at least exhibit elements.

Satellite 10 foot Display Kit 2Trade show display events can be a major contribution to the success of your company s annual marketing plan (and bottom line), but only when carefully planned and executed. Trade show exhibits that enjoy the most accomplishment are tailor-made. Tailor-made means that every aspect of the display and all plans are tailored to the expected audience at the show. Of course, then, this hinges upon selecting the right show, or shows, to take part in.

Online Trade Show DisplaysNow this is not to say that you should obtain a trade show display from just any company online. But there are a few select companies on the Internet that truly care about your plans and needs, and are completely professional and ready to help you succeed. When you have found that special online trade show exhibit company, they will be every bit as good as a brick-and-mortar showroom store, if not better. Perhaps the following five reasons to buy your exhibit online will assist you in finding the right display provider.

20 x 20 Island DisplayAn island exhibit in a trade show simply means that there are walkways on all four sides of the booth area; the exhibit stands alone with no other displays directly next to it. Obviously then, an island trade show display is view-able from all sides, as opposed to only one, two, or three sides. Therefore, island exhibits are what is commonly referred to as custom displays or exhibits, meaning they are not a standard, or typical, trade show display types because they draw strategy from many display types.

eco-friendly-trade-show-displaysIf someone were to blindfold you and stand you in front of a green trade show exhibit and then said that you are about to see a green trade show display, what would be the picture in your mind before the blindfold is removed? What would you expect to see? I suspect that for many of us, the removal of the blindfold would be a sizable surprise.
The very best trade show displays come from proper research, in-depth planning, purchase or rental of the display from caring professionals, pre-show marketing, professional execution of all aspects of your exhibit, and post-show marketing and follow up. After all, you only have a precious few seconds to grab attention. Of course the main piece of that is the actual display itself. Many exhibitors spend thousands of dollars, even up to a million to get the best exhibit. Whatever the budget, there are clearly several components that are used that help you get the best possible display for your investment. Let s take a look at some of these components:

Trade Show ShippingIt is all too easy to overlook or not give enough thought to the shipping of your trade show display. In Part One of this article we discussed the trade show Exhibitor s Kit, dimensional weight, shipping to an advance warehouse, and shipping directly to the show site. In this part of the article, we will look at shipping to a hotel, shipping to your place of business, a note about international shipping, UPS/FedEx and ground shippers, and fees.

trade show display shippingThe safe, careful, and on-time shipping of your trade show display is absolutely critical. Shipping is the one point in your tradeshow timeline that must be 100% perfect; otherwise you can lose an enormous investment. What resources and guidelines are available to assist you in the shipping process? Exactly where do you have the display sent? What shipper will do the shipping? What guarantees do you have that your display will arrive on time, be stored and delivered properly, and arrive in flawless shape? How do you coordinate the shipping so that no problems are incurred? And how do you get this all done within your budget? These questions must be addressed carefully to ensure the successful shipping and delivery of your display.