Trade Show Display

Trade Show Display

So you have scheduled your calendar with all sorts of cool trade shows but you do not have the right booth display. What should your next step be? At Smash Hit Displays, we are ready to help you find just what you need and can create a trade show display that will be the envy of your neighbors in the convention center or exhibition hall.

A well-designed show booth doesn t necessarily mean a lot of money was put into it. It can still be an effective design on a shoestring budget as long as you stay true to your business, target market, and mission at the trade show. How can this be done? It is actually a lot easier to do than you may think.

How to Fix Trade Show DisplayIf you are an experienced exhibitor, you probably participate in more than one trade show a year. Keeping your trade show exhibits in good shape between shows is imperative if you want to use the same display at your next event. Packing up, storing, and installing your booth can have a damaging effect if not done with care.

Custom DisplaysWhen the word custom is associated with any product, it usually leaves people to believe it s expensive. However, that s not the case when it comes to the new custom trade show displays we have added to our website. Although they are customized to fit our client s trade show needs, they materials are pre-built which will cut down on costs and time.

Make an Impact at Trade ShowsTrade shows are a marketing must for small, medium and large businesses alike. They allow you to bring awareness to your brand, meet possible new clients as well as chat with existing ones, promote new products or services, and so on. However, trade shows won t be helpful without well-designed trade show exhibits that will get the attention you want and need.

Custom DisplaysThe most successful trade show displays are the ones that stand out and have a design unlike the traditional cookie cutter display systems. One way to avoid blending in with the others is to go with custom trade show displays. There are a number of reasons why these convention booths are increasing in popularity for companies with both small and large budgets.

10 foot Waveline Fabric Booth

10 x 10 Custom DisplayAs you begin setting up your show display, it s important to consider what is it that sets you apart from the others? If your trade show booth doesn t have some pizazz that will set it apart from the others, then you aren t giving attendees a good reason to stop by your booth instead of your competitor s booth. If you are stumped as to what can be done to make your display booth steal the show, keep reading these tips from Smash Hit Displays.

kitchen trade show display booth

Just about anyone who has ever been to a trade show is familiar with run of the mill pop up displays, banner stands, and fabric displays and printed table throws.

The goal is to create a trade show display design that is eye-popping and will grab peoples attention in that very short window of opportunity when they are walking by your booth. You typically want to avoid having too much text on your display (and focus more on a strong visual that will stand out in a crowd.) Bullet points and tag lines are ok, but most people dont want to stop and read your display.