Custom DisplaysThe most successful trade show displays are the ones that stand out and have a design unlike the traditional cookie cutter display systems. One way to avoid blending in with the others is to go with custom trade show displays. There are a number of reasons why these convention booths are increasing in popularity for companies with both small and large budgets.

Quick Turnaround Time

If you have an event in a couple of weeks, you still have plenty of time to purchase custom trade show booths; they take about 10 days to receive. Not only can they be shipped quickly, they are also extremely easy to assemble.


Most of the display system components are pre-built, which will cut down on costs in comparison to convention displays that are built from the ground up. Trade show accessories can be added for a more one-of-a-kind look, such as LCD monitors, spotlights, counters, and shelves.

Can be Rented

If you are very limited on funds, you can still have a custom display by renting one. It costs less than regular custom trade show displays do, but you ll still have the opportunity to stand out at the event. Show Display Rentals are also ideal if you only plan on going to a couple trade shows or would like to test a booth out before buying one.