Just because you are a frequent exhibitor and have multiple trade shows to prepare for doesnt mean you have to purchase brand new trade show displays for each one. In fact, there are several ways you can make your current display system look brand new without spending a fortune.

Update Your Trade Show Graphics

One of the first thing attendees will notice about your convention booth is your trade show graphics. Whether you have banner stands or pop up displays, the look of your graphics can make or break your entire display system. As important as this booth component is, it is equally as important to keep them current with your latest products or services in order to inform your target market of your company s changes. At least once a year, your trade show graphics should be changed to promote any new products, services, locations, etc. This one small item will completely transform your entire portable display for a fresh look.

Add Accessories

Trade show accessories can be added or removed from your display system at any time, but will completely change the look of your display. Literature stands can be added to place any promotional brochures or business cards in an organized manner. If you need some room to take orders and fill out paperwork, tables can be attached to the trade show exhibit. Do you have a video or Power Point presentation to display? Add a plasma monitor to your booth. If you are still deciding what accessories would spruce up the look of your display booth the best, go to a convention as an attendee and walk the show floors to get ideas. What add-ons did you like about one persons trade show display? What didn t you like?

Trade Show Flooring

Most venues have hard concrete floors and if you are standing for hours at a time, your feet will be aching by the time you finally get a break. Trade show flooring is padded to relieve some of this pain and has a stunning look that would turn every display system into an eye-catching office away from the office.

Exhibit Rentals

If you are tired of the design and structure of your current portable displays, why not rent one? Exhibit rentals cost a fraction of what brand new displays cost, but you can choose between some of the high-end display systems. Another reason to rent is if you are considering purchasing brand new trade show booths because you ll get the opportunity to test it before make the decision to purchase.

There are several benefits to both renting and buying display systems, but which choice is right for you? Trade shows can be extremely beneficial to your business, but can be expensive if you are purchasing new trade show displays every year. These tips should give you some ideas on how to change the look of your booth and attract more attendees.