How to Fix Trade Show DisplayIf you are an experienced exhibitor, you probably participate in more than one trade show a year. Keeping your trade show exhibits in good shape between shows is imperative if you want to use the same display at your next event. Packing up, storing, and installing your booth can have a damaging effect if not done with care.

No need to worry because with these tips, your exhibit will be looking like new for years to come.

Inspect the Booth

Before taking down and packing up the booth, walk around it to see if there are any tears or issues with the ink, as well as any damage that has happened to the frame. If there are any problems after the convention, knowing about it right away will give you plenty of time to fix the issue so it is ready to go for the next trade show.

Use the Right Shipping Case

Many trade show displays come with a specialized case that will keep the booth safe from harm. However, if your display doesn t have one, investing in one will be one decision you ll be glad you made. Included with the case is foam material inside the case with cutouts for each booth piece in order to make sure the booth components don t move while being transported. The outside of the case is made from a hard, molded plastic that will keep the entire booth safe from harm. Shipping cases can also store easily until you are ready for another event.

Store it in a Dry Place

If the ground is moist, this could cause the booth to get water damage. Not only could your exhibit display be destroyed if it gets wet, but there is also a possibility for mold. Natural disasters do happen and are out of anyone s control, but if possible, try to look for a storage space that is out of a flood plain.

Keep the Booth at Room Temperature

Extreme heat or cold weather can cause significant damage to your booth display. Temperature-controlled rooms are the best idea for keeping the display safe from damaging temperatures.

Show exhibit displays are an excellent, and sometimes costly, investment for your company, so make sure to take care of it. These tips should help you do just that.