Cut Costs at Trade ShowsThe recession may be over, but companies are still trying to recover from their losses by cutting costs. Trade shows are now more important than ever, since they allow you to promote your business/products in a venue with hundreds, maybe thousands, of attendees. There are ways to participate in exhibits without having to spend a lot.

Here are just a few ways to cut down on costs without cutting down on your trade show presence.

Think Small

Table top trade show displays and can be just as appealing as 20 foot trade show exhibits with the right set up. Keep your booth space organized and free of clutter but using simple, to-the-point graphics, literature racks, and tables. What I mean by simple graphics is they should have one or two large photos, a couple short sentences that clearly defines what your company has to offer, and the name of your website for those visitors to take a look at for more info on your business. If you plan on bring brochures or pamphlets, literature racks are a must to keep your booth from appearing cluttered. Tables are also a great addition if you want to display some of your products in an organized manner. Lastly, when purchasing your booth space, ask the trade show organizers if any discounts are available.

Do it Yourself

You may think that you need to hire help to install and dismantle your display system, but in reality, you don t. There are many trade show exhibits available that are extremely simple to assemble and don t require extra hands. Some of these displays include the that have a frame that simply pops open and locks into place. Booths such as these require minimal time to set up, and take just one person. Another simple, budget-friendly trade show booth that takes minimal time and effort to assemble is the banner stands.

Reuse Trade Show Booths

There s no need to purchase a new