You may have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff at your trade show booth and giveaway items, but that does not mean anything if no one is stopping by your display system. The look of your trade show display should answer 3 vital questions: who you are, what you sell, and why everyone should buy from you. Here are a few tips to help you gain traffic at your display exhibit and generate more leads.

Quality, Not Quantity

Throwing a ton of pictures and text on your trade show displays may sound like a great way to let everyone know who you are, but it may actually repel people from coming to your booth exhibit. The reason being that if there is too much on your trade show exhibit, it could get confusing as to what products or services you offer. Focus on one or two products to promote and have no more than a couple photos of that product. This will be much easier to understand from the aisles than having too many photos. Also, keep the text on your display exhibit minimal by using bullet points to list 2 or 3 of the benefits.

Add Lighting

Most convention venues are dimly lit, making it difficult to tell the difference from one show exhibit to the next. Lighting will make your portable display glow and stand out among the other trade show displays. It s very inexpensive, yet can make a huge difference.

Offer Food and Beverages

The scent of food and beverages will get noticed by everyone at the event, even if they are in a different aisle. After hours of being at the trade show, attendees and other exhibitors would love a snack or something to drink. Some popular food and drink options are cookies, popcorn, coffee, tea and water.

Follow up

This is a very important step, but is rarely followed through. Once the trade show is over and you have collected your leads information, it is time to follow up with them. About a week after the event, either call them or send thank-you cards to thank them for stopping by your trade show booth. If you call them, ask if there are any more questions they have about your products or services. If you send a thank-you card, include your business card.

These tips should help you have a successful display booth at trade shows and generate more new customers and leads. If you need help picking out your display system, feel free to give Smash Hit Displays a call and our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.