How to be a Fierce Competitor at Trade ShowsOne of the aims of any business is to get a good for less than they could get it otherwise. Cost savings are a major driver of profitability. Small businesses can now also enjoy this advantage by renting out custom trade show displays. A trade show display is more expensive than a home when it comes to per square footage. Large companies are able to but trade show displays but small business cannot. The following is how you get more from less when selecting a trade show display.


Being able to rent a custom trade show display is a big advantage. The chances are that a small business will not have the money to move the display around. They will also not afford to buy them. Lack of purchase costs and transportation costs allow business to save a lot of money. The cost of rent is microscopic compared to the initial capital outlay of purchasing an entire display. If you are still deciding whether or not to rent, read our article on 5 reasons to rent a trade show exhibit

Attract Local Clients

A small business will probably be selling most of its products to people living in the surrounding areas. Renting a trade show display will help a small business owner attract local customers while saving money which attracting other clients would cost. The business can focus on is main clients instead of putting much effort into expanding and finding others.

Less for advertising

A small business does not have the advantages of scale that a large business has. Therefore they cannot manage to advertise through television or other traditional forms of promotion. However with a custom trade show display, they get the same quality of display as large companies while paying very little for it. It helps level the playing field and removes the advantage of sixe that large corporations possess.


Any business owner who has a stand at a trade show should have products to sell. They cannot use the event simply as a promotional tool. Larger businesses can sell much more and sales at a trade show are inconsequential. On the contrary, selling goods at a trade sow for a small and growing business means a significant increase in revenue and more promotion.


Large and small businesses alike ae usually present and trade shows. The media will always be there to cover large businesses in particular. However, small businesses can take advantage of the situation to get some media coverage and spread their brand. It takes a creative trade show display and initiative to get more from your trade show display.

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