20 x 20 Island DisplayAn island exhibit in a trade show simply means that there are walkways on all four sides of the booth area; the exhibit stands alone with no other displays directly next to it. Obviously then, an island trade show display is view-able from all sides, as opposed to only one, two, or three sides. Therefore, island exhibits are what is commonly referred to as custom displays or exhibits, meaning they are not a standard, or typical, trade show display types because they draw strategy from many display types.

Yes, island exhibits are a big deal. They tend to be very grandiose; they are usually highly customized for a certain, specific look and feel, and they often employ high technology in the overall presentation and structure of the display. A custom island show display is certain to be noticed, drawing in a larger percentage of foot traffic, which is a huge advantage over the smaller, more traditional displays. Of course, then, island exhibits are costly, demanding a higher return on the trade show investment budget.

Let s take a look at some components and advantages of the custom island display.

One distinct benefit of an island exhibit is space and location. Normally the trade show sponsor will allocate a limited number of booth spaces for island displays (depending upon the theme of the show), but these spaces are prime real estate, meaning the space will be high profile, in a great position.

It is shown that people are naturally drawn to light and movement. Similarly, people are attracted to 360 degree visibility, which all island exhibits enjoy. It is next to impossible to not be noticed with an island display, especially if it is well lit and has some sort of visible movement built in.

Further, custom trade show displays are engineered in a variety of configurations and with a range of materials, making them a versatile exhibit. In fact, island displays are true hybrids, in that they combine many components of smaller trade show booths. So it is easy to create small changes in configuration for a refreshing new look.

In addition to versatility, island displays tend to have much more open space, creating greater involvement in the exhibit, and enhanced participation in the marketing message or intent of the display. Seating, presentation space, kiosks, and room for plenty of booth accessories are also great advantages of the island display.

Overhead banners of nearly any desired shape and size use hanging custom graphics that can rotate too constructing a booth that gains added separation from the competition. Upper level decks, towers, and multi-level ceilings add even more impact to the style and appeal of a comprehensive island exhibit.

There is one trade show display provider Smash Hit Displays that boasts the largest inventory in the US, and they even pay for the design and engineering of the custom island exhibit, saving their clients both time and money.

In conclusion, custom island trade show displays are designed to be seen from all angles, and are grandiose in scheme, stature, and appeal. Although these displays are more expensive and demand a high return on investment, they have many clear advantages over other trade show exhibits. Due to more open spaces, high-tech architectural engineering, and room for presentations and seating, island displays will engage and involve large volumes of foot traffic in the marketing message of the exhibit. For the bigger players that invest tens of thousands of dollars island displays hold the most promise of effectiveness, and return on investment over time.