kitchen trade show display booth

Just about anyone who has ever been to a trade show is familiar with run of the mill pop up displays, banner stands, and fabric displays and printed table throws.

Many companies are looking for a custom display configuration, without the extra expense associated with custom display exhibits. So how you can utilize ordinary show display elements to create something more unique?

A.) Combine displays to create an illusion. We recently had a client who wanted to create the appearance of a kitchen and counters, along with a kitchen standoff. This was accomplished by using a 10 foot wide, 8 foot high fabric back wall for the cupboards, microwave and cabinets, along with counters with front and side graphics that were placed flush along the front of the display, designed to match the lower cabinets on the display. A 6 foot printed table throw over a standard folding table to create the standoff, with matching counter tops and cabinets. With a little imagination, an affordable kitchen display was created!

B.) Custom fabric displays - on many of the premium fabric back wall displays (accordion style), extra quadrants can be added to create larger sized back walls, allowing for more room to design your mural. For example, many clients prefer a 10 foot height, versus the standard 8 foot height. Another option to consider would something backlit to add that extra wow factor, such as a backlit hop up display, or Xpressions Snap lightbox.

C.) Truss displays - essentially, giant erector sets. If you already own even a basic 10 foot kit, theres no limit to what you can build simply by adding extra parts and new graphics. Some our customers use their existing parts to create their own configurations just by playing around on their own, but anything that you can envision can also be rendered before hand. This ensures your ideas will be structurally sound, and will give you the opportunity to make revisions and see how your vision would actually look.

D.) Banner stand walls - these allow you to create a full mural as wide as you need to go, and yet can be designed in such a way that they can also be used independently. Which offers a lot of versatility at a low price. With many banner stands, there can be a an inch or two gap in-between each one.

E.) Creative design work - sometimes it all boils down to the design to create something truly unique from a standard display. With the right design, even a standard pop up display can go from ordinary to extraordinary. Also, just about any type of display can be accented with cut out graphics (they can be cut to any shape imaginable), which can be placed just about anywhere if you are thinking outside of the box, even hung by wires if the venue allows.



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