A Little Goes a Long Way with Table Top DisplaysLarger trade show displays, such as the 20 x 20 booths, are not the only ones making an impact at trade shows. With the right design, table top displays can be just as powerful, while still saving you money and space. Here are several types of table top displays to choose from.

A big misconception when it comes to trade show booths is that the bigger they are, the more results you will get. That is not entirely true; in fact, your display system success is based on your staff, organized booth space, and the look of your trade show graphics. One portable display that takes up very little space but has the same effectiveness as large convention booths is table top displays.

Table top trade show displays are affordable and come in a variety of shapes to help you stand out at the event. Here are some of the tabletop displays available today:

Pop up Displays

Pop up booths are known for their easy assembly and crisp, vibrant graphics. These fabric table top displays also come in 6 and 8 foot table top sizes. The nice feature of these booths is the fact that the graphics can easily be interchanged for a new look from one show to the next.

Hybrid Table Top Displays

One of the newest types of display booths for trade shows on the market are the hybrid displays. They are considered œhybrid  because they integrate traditional booth construction (aluminum extrusion) with modern materials (tension fabric). One type of hybrid display is the Linear Table Top Trade Show Displays, which use wings and headers to create unique shapes that are much different than the original box-shaped display systems. Lights can also be attached to illuminate the entire booth.

Green Trade Show Booths

More and more convention booths are becoming eco-friendly by using recyclable materials for the graphic panels and frame, bamboo for shelves, and LED lights. A variety of sizes and configurations are available, including attractive tabletop booths.

Fabric Tension Displays

The tension fabric is pulled over the frame in a pillowcase-like fashion, which gives these portable displays a flawless and wrinkle-free look. They only take a couple minutes to assemble and have a 3D look that stands out from other trade show exhibits. The graphics can also be interchanged for a fresh look.

Even with a tight budget, you can still get the booth traffic you want with the right tabletop displays.