4 Design Tips for Custom Trade Show DisplaysCustom displays have a unique look that will attract a crowd, but with these tips, you will create a more effective trade show display.

Custom trade show displays have alluring designs that are known for their unique, attention-grabbing look that is unmatched by traditional booths. As effective as these remarkable displays are, it won t matter if it is poorly designed. Here are some of the top design tips to keep in mind as you prepare your custom booth for any upcoming event.

1. Keep the Booth Space Open

No, I don t mean you have to have a massive booth, but having a display system that has an organized layout will make the booth more inviting and appear larger. To do this, refrain from having anything in the middle of your booth, including products. Keep the center completely free in order to allow attendees to easily roam the exhibit. Also, use counters or shelves to display products and literature racks to neatly hold all brochures and other literature.

2. Focus on Your Brand

Attendees should be able to approach your booth knowing exactly who you are and what message you want to convey. Your brand should be found throughout your booth in order to stand out and be remembered by your audience. This could mean including pictures of your products or company in various places in the custom display, products on display, and your company s mission statement in a visible place on your booth.

3. Graphics Matter

If the graphics look less-than-professional, that is how your audience is going to portray you. It only takes 3 seconds for an attendee to determine whether or not they want to stop at a booth, so the first thing that they will notice is the graphics. To make sure you have graphics that will get noticed, while also telling attendees exactly who you are and what your company has to offer, invest in trade show graphic design services or check out our Graphics Blog for more tips.

4. Include all Contact and Social Media Information

Your audience should know how to contact you outside of the trade show, so make sure to include all social media pages, phone numbers, business locations, and any other information they can use to reach you after the show. Some exhibitors have successfully used QR codes in order to have all of this information on the attendees smart phones. You can also include it in literature, in a Power Point presentation, or on a video.

Custom exhibits have unique appearances that will set you apart from the competition. However, with these tips, you will be able to attract a more targeted audience for better results.