When You Should be Using a Small Trade Show BoothAre large trade show booths going to get you the results you want? Here are some reasons you should consider downsizing your booth for your next event.

Bigger isn t always better when it comes to the size of your trade show booths. In fact, sometimes it is the smaller ones that can make the biggest impact on attendees. Large booth displays may have an impressive look that will capture the attendee s attention, but it can also be intimidating. Here are a few reasons you should consider a small booth, such as table top displays, at your next event in order to intrigue attendees to stop by your exhibit instead of the competitors.

More to Spend

Large show exhibits can be extremely expensive, so if you are saving money by not spending most of it on your booth, you will have more to spend on other areas. Your marketing budget is a great use of this extra money because you will now be able to spend more on promoting your booth, which will result in more traffic. This could mean sending out pre-show mail, boosting your social media marketing campaign, or using promotions or giveaways at the event.

More Intimate

It s easy to get lost in a big show exhibit, not being able to find a staff member who can help you. That is one issue you won t find with the smaller booths. Because they have less space, you will be able to have more private conversations, hold one-on-one meetings, or do a product demonstration for the attendee. If you are demonstrating your product in front of a large group, more people will be aware of it, but you also won t be able to speak with every single person that witnessed the demonstration. Smaller settings allow for better conversations and higher chances of building a relationship with your potential lead.

Too Much Empty Space

Having the space to walk around your booth freely without running into other staff members or attendees can be wonderful. However, many exhibitors with big display systems don t know how to use the space wisely, often making it look empty. It seems like a lot of wasted space that wasn t needed for the trade show. Smaller booths may have less space, but it also can make the attendee feel more comfortable in a booth with a cozy space.

Size of the Event

Knowing the size of your event will help determine if a smaller booth is a good option. If the show is predicting more attendees than last year, opting for a larger exhibit may be ideal. However, if the event is expecting the same or fewer attendees, don t waste your money on a huge booth that may or may not get enough traffic to get the ROI you are hoping for. If this is your first year at that particular event, use a small booth until you can gauge if a bigger one would be a better fit. You can always upgrade your exhibit next year.

There s more to exhibiting than just the size of your booth. Your staff needs to be at the top of their game to impress attendees, your giveaways will need to help you be remembered by potential customers, and the booth graphics need to clearly state who you are. One excellent trade show display option that has a small size, but a large impact is the Hop up Backlit Fabric Displays. For more ideas on how to make a lasting impression on your audience at trade shows, call Smash Hit Displays at (877) 215-5355 for more ideas.