Understanding what attendees are thinking and feeling as they set foot in your trade show booth can be a daunting task. With these tips, you should have a better idea of what thoughts are going through their head as they roam your booth.

Smash Hit Displays wants you to have the absolute best looking trade show booth. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to having a successful booth is being unaware of what it is that attendees like to see whenever they stop by a booth. Learn some of the most common pitfalls when it comes to booth and exhibit design in order that you can better your chances of meeting your trade show goals.

Not Knowing Who s Attending the Trade Show

Just like you shouldn t bring a knife to a gunfight, you shouldn t bring a booth optimized for a technology trade show to a book publishing trade show. Make sure you re well aware of what type of consumers, engineers, executives and managers will be in attendance in order that you can properly prepare your booth to meet their individual needs.

Lack of Attention-Grabbing Graphics

Nothing says œpoorly prepared  like lackluster graphics at a trade show. You ve got roughly five seconds to grab someone s attention with your backlit trade show booth, and you ve got to be sure your graphics are compelling enough to want to make someone stop by your booth. Not only that, but you need to have the proper materials, presentation and knowledge to make those attendees want to spend time at your booth rather than move on after a few seconds.

Not Having the Right Information Mediums

This tip goes back to knowing who will be in attendance at the trade show. Even though technology has come a long way in how we consume and access information, there are still some people who are old fashioned. Having HD televisions and touchscreens at your booth is a good idea, but don t forget about attendees who would rather consume information through a pamphlet, flyer, QR code or brochure. If you don t care enough to cater to the individual preferences of your attendees, why should they care enough to spend time and potentially money on your company?

Ill-Informed Booth Hosts

When attendees have questions, your booth staff should either have the answers or know how to find the answers. Any company representatives manning your booth should be aware of your goals for attending the trade show, the most current company news and developments, the most popular products and services, and answers to the most common questions. For those inquiries that don t have a concise answer, representatives should be aware of the most reliable company resources where attendees can find out more.

Just like knowing your enemy is an effective strategy for winning a battle, knowing trade show attendees and what they re thinking is a great way to make a show a success. For more tips on assembling a more effective trade show booth, get in touch with us here at Smash Hit Displays.