Trade Show AccessoriesIf you are looking for ways to make your convention display unique among the others competing for attention, sometimes it just comes down to the accessories. There are so many trade show accessories for portable displays available, but which ones are right for you and your display booth? Here are some of the most popular and affordable choices preferred by exhibitors of every budget.



Trade Show Flooring

This is the most noticeable option because most convention flooring covers the entire floor of the booth space for a professional and eye-catching look. It is also manufactured with the exhibitor in mind because the flooring is easy to transport, is lightweight, and takes minutes to put together. Some of the selections available are hardwood flooring, turf, interlocking carpet, and dye sub mats.



Something as simple as filling out paperwork at trade show booths can be a very difficult task if you are only able to rely on a magazine or book to rest it on as you jot down the information. Booth display counters are not only perfect for taking orders, but they also have unique designs that are unlike the traditional box-shaped counters.



Most venues are dimly-lit, making it very difficult to tell the difference between the trade show exhibits. Lighting is simple and inexpensive, yet can completely transform display systems by making them glow across the show floor. Halogen and LED lights are both available.


Literature Stands

Having organized show displays will definitely leave a positive impression of your company with the attendees. One way to do that is by placing all of your promotional literature into literature stands, such as brochures and pamphlets. They will allow you to keep your tables and counters clear of clutter.


Table Covers

Especially if you are using table top displays, using table covers can create a more professional look. Your logo can be imprinted making the name of your company stand out.


These trade show accessories have a small price tag but can drastically change the look of display booths for the better!