Plan and Design Your Trade Show Booth Like an Expert

Trade show booths act as bait; well-designed booths will lure potential clients in, giving the staff a chance to use the sales techniques they mastered just before the event. If this is the kind of outcome you want, follow these tips to plan for and execute the perfect display system.

What s your budget?

Before you can start shopping around for show booths with all of the bells and whistles, expensive giveaways, and marketing materials that will captivate your audience, you need to know how much you can spend. After you know exactly how much your company is willing to invest in the trade show, it is time to break it down. Expect to spend:

20% on purchasing or renting a trade show display, graphics, and display accessories

25% on renting the booth space

10% on pre-show promotions and press kits

15% on drayage and electrical

10% on shipping the booth and other materials

20% on miscellaneous expenses, such as travel, hotel, and staffing

If your company is a startup or small business with a small budget to work with, trade show display rentals are the way to go. They cost less than half of purchasing a booth and all you have to do is show up to the event. With Smash Hit Displays, our experts will take care of delivering, assembling, dismantling, and storing the booth after the show.

Know the Size of Your Booth Space

Knowing the exact size of your booth space is not only an important factor in choosing the right trade show exhibit, but also for determining how many employees will need to staff the booth. The last thing you want is to overstaff your booth, having a couple staffers twiddling their thumbs while the other staffers assist the attendees. There should be just enough employees to cover each other during breaks, but not so many that they end up walking aimlessly around with nothing to do.

Even if you chose to use a small booth, keeping it free from clutter will make it seem much larger. Keep all kiosks, tables, and products out of the center of the booth in order to create more space for attendees to roam.

Use a Color Scheme

By including your logo s colors throughout the booth, it will resonate with your audience, including on the trade show flooring, in the graphics, table covers, and marketing materials.

Incorporate Your Logo Throughout the Exhibit

The more an object is seen, the more it is remembered. The same holds true when it comes to your logo. Attendees will remember it long after they leave the event because of its repetitive use throughout the booth.

Trade shows are a time to show your audience what makes you the best. Don t disappoint by having a lackluster exhibit; with these tips, you will be much more prepared for the event and will be remembered long after it is over.