When it comes to trade show exhibiting, it doesnt necessarily matter if you have a lavish exhibit display systems or a low-key portable display. Another factor that will determine how successful one booth is over another is location, location, location.

So, what are the best places to try to get at the venue? Here are the top 5 locations that can make all the difference from a trade show booth that doesnt get noticed to one that will easily be seen from everyone at the show.

Think About Driving

We are so used to driving down the right side of the road in the United States and the left in countries like Europe. Even at grocery stores shoppers tend to stay on the side of the aisle that they drive on. Because of this, having your exhibit booth on the side of the aisle that you drive on would get more attention than those on the opposite side.

Stay Away From Entrances and Exits

The entrance or exit may seem like the obvious location of a show booth, but it could actually be the worst. The reason being that as people begin to enter the venue, usually a large amount of people are coming through the door at the same time, making it difficult to notice the first few exhibit booth displays. The problem with being near the exit is the fact that people are planning on leaving the trade show, so would most likely not plan on stopping. The best location would be somewhere in the middle of the aisle.

Avoid Large Competitors

Large competitors may bring in large crowds, but this could be a problem because they may be taking business from you as well. If possible, position your booth in a location that will keep them away from you, giving you the chance to gain more leads.

Main Aisle

The main aisle is definitely one of the best locations because everyone will have to walk down this aisle, giving your booth more exposure.

What Has Worked for You?

If you are a long-time trade show exhibitor, think about what locations have worked for you and which ones didnt work.

Whatever booth spot you want to get, make sure to plan and prepare as far as a year in advance because the most popular locations will be reserved first. Dont miss your chance to gain exposure and leads by having the right location for your booth exhibit.


What locations have worked for you at trade shows?


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