Keep Your Booth Looking Like New With Routine MaintenanceJust you take care of your vehicle through routine maintenance, the same should go for your trade show booth. If you are a seasoned exhibitor, your booth puts a lot of miles on it, which could require it to regularly get repaired. These tips will tell you exactly what to look for in your exhibit after every show to find out if it needs to be repaired at all.

Your trade show booth is used for hours on the show floor, is dismantled and transported to your event, and is kept in storage for months as you wait for your next trade show. With everything your booth goes through, there s a good chance that, unless you want to purchase a new booth or opt for trade show display rentals, it will need to be repaired and maintained in order to keep it working at its best through all of the shows you plan on participating in. To keep your exhibit in tip-top shape, check these areas during your maintenance routine.


With all of the moving around, packing, and unpacking your booth does, it is no wonder that graphics can look a little rough when they are taken out of their shipping cases. Replacement graphics can be purchased for most trade show exhibits, which, not only will give your booth that œalmost new  feel, but will also give you the opportunity to change the look of your display by using different images, such as a new product that just launched. New graphics, even if your old ones are in great shape, can drastically change the look of your booth, allowing you to keep your image fresh from show to show.

Shipping Cases

We depend on the shipping cases to get our entire display system to its destination safely and in one piece. However, it is pretty difficult for the case to do its job if it is damaged in any way. If you notice dents or other damage on the case, don t hesitate to call up your trade show display supplier and order a new one. It will be a very much-needed investment in the future health of your trade show exhibit.


Now it s time to talk about the body of your booth. The frame is the most important component because it is what keeps the entire display standing tall and stable, allowing you to display products or promote your company effortlessly. If part of the frame is broken, it may be difficult for the display to function properly. There are plenty of parts that can be replaced for very little money. If the frame has extensive damage to it, it may be time to purchase a whole new frame.

New Exhibit

If more than one of the previous items is damaged in any way, it may be time to purchase an entirely new display. Custom displays have become a huge hit among exhibitors for their unique designs, while truss displays are also known for their spacious layouts and heavy-duty construction. However, if you are want to test drive a booth before purchasing it, rental displays are the way to go.

Before purchasing any new piece for your booth, ask your vendor if there is a warranty on any of the previous components. Also, after every event, do a walk through to make sure everything is in great shape so that you are not caught off guard at your next trade show with a dent in the frame or tear in your graphics.