When working your trade show booth or custom display, be friendly and approachable. Make eye contact and smile frequently. You can try a few questions such as Would you be interested in seeing our product? Would you be interested in one of today s giveaways? Hello (Name) how are you doing today? If your attempts are met with a negative reaction you can easily redeem yourself with a quick Okay, Enjoy the show, see you at the next panel or Why don t we take your card for entrance to our drawing .

Be persistent with your visitors. A good line can open up an extensive conversation and who knows where that will lead.

Giveaways are always an attention grabber. Give something useful to people at your show booth and they will be compelled to see what you have to offer. People respond well to being given things. Keep this in mind when crafting your strategies. Often giveaways include small swag like branded sunglasses and Chap Stick. Occasionally companies will be more extravagant and raffle off larger items like iPhones or ipads. Although pricey, do you know anyone who wouldnt enter that raffle? I didnt think so. This is a great way to gather a crowd at your booth. Just be sure to capitalize on the attention. Connect with as many other passerby as possible.

When demoing your product create a short and to the point overview. Develop a method to get your point across without taking too much of the listeners time. Set your presentation up to be engaging and interactive. When people are engaged their minds are working and they are likely to comprehend your message. Show what is you do, don t just tell them. Entice the listener into truly wanting to try out your product or service. Ask questions that are specific to someone s life. Get them thinking outside of the realm of the trade show and in their every day routine. How can your product be of use?

After a show be sure to hit all of your leads as soon as possible. Nurture your relationships and show them the respect they deserve. Keep new contacts in the loop with email blasts and marketing campaigns. Dont be afraid to give your connections personal calls or to extend invites to lunches and dinners. An attendee who has just been introduced to a ton of exhibitors is likely to forget you quickly. Stay in contact!