Booth Design TipsAre you planning on exhibiting your business at a trade show sometime soon? If you ve ever been to a trade show there are probably some booths that stand out in your mind. So what was it about that booth that made it memorable? A lot of work goes into making successful trade show booths, but when they are designed right, they can have a positive impact on all those who see them.

Successful Booths

So what goes into making a trade show booth successful? There are several important aspects, but if you re preparing a trade show booths exhibit then you need to make sure your design hits the mark. At Smash Hit Displays we can help you design the perfect trade show exhibit booth for your next show. These are just a few tips to keep in mind when designing your next booth.

Show off your work although the look and feel of your booth is very important, it s your products that you want people to see and remember. Therefore, your design should put the focus on what you have to offer.

Plan for your space no matter the size of your trade show booth exhibit your design should plan to utilize that space the best way possible. One important tip to keep in mind is to make your product accessible to those who pass by. If they can reach it, there s a better chance they ll be interested in it. It s also a good idea to include a space where people can write, to place an order for example.

Seeing is believing make sure you design your booth or exhibit with your products at eye level. If the attendees can see your products well, they tend to have more interest in them.

Signs of the times every good trade show booth exhibit includes quality signage. However, to make your signs count, they should be simple and to the point. Include your logo, business name and a booth number so attendees can better remember you and where you are located.

Keep comfort in mind trade show attendees usually spend hours on their feet, so anything you can do to help them feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit your booth is an added bonus. A padded floor, a soft chair or just an overall inviting and relaxing atmosphere will make your booth, and probably you products, more memorable.

Smash Hit Displays Can Help

At Smash Hit Displays, we have been creating trade show booths for more than a decade and we understand what goes into designing a successful exhibit. If you need help with your next trade show booths exhibit, then let Smash Hit Displays help you get it just right.