Maybe you are not the type who shops where everyone else does, and you are used to a little more stylish designs. If that describes you, then a trade show custom display is your best option.

What makes a custom exhibition booth from Smash Hit Displays even more desirable is that we design to your specific needs without the usual custom prices. Theres no limit to the design choices available to you. What we are concerned about is providing the utmost in customer service, ensuring you get exactly what you want.


Catch Their Eyes:

Step onto any trade show floor and the first things you will notice are the custom displays. Booths designed for the unique needs of a single exhibitor, that can showcase one product in its best light, always upstage pop-ups and modular designs. Isnt that what you want your exhibit to do?


Working with Smash Hit Displays to make that happen is a process you will find singularly enjoyable. Our designers provide cost-saving ideas that can make a custom build while more expensive than an off-the-shelf solution more effective in reaching your objectives, helping you achieve the ROI you are seeking. Designed To Sell: Whatever the size of your display area (10x30, 20x20, 20x30 or larger), we will make the most of it with an exhibit designed to be a true selling machine, motivating prospects to enter your exhibit and be dazzled by the products or services on display.


One Person Makes The Difference:

At Smash Hit Displays, you deal with one person one project designer/project manager who will take the time to understand you, your company and your brand, creating the right design that makes you happy and makes your product shine. Your One-Stop Shop For Everything: Here at Smash Hit Displays, we have in-house resources for every aspect of exhibit building, from the construction of the booth itself to the graphics that carry your message to the masses. You can even track the progress of your exhibits build from your desk, your laptop or smartphone, anywhere you can connect to the Internet.


We Know The Meaning Of The Word Partner: If you want your exhibit to work hard to increase your success at every trade show you do, choose the company that will work just as hard to ensure you are satisfied with every step of the process.


Smash Hit Displays has more than thirty years experience making custom designs come to life for a broad range of clients in a diverse array of industries. Wed be honored to add your company to our distinguished list of custom exhibit clients. Call us at 877-215-5355.