Characteristics of Successful Booth StaffHaving a stunning trade show booth will help capture the attendees attention, but its the staff that will keep it and hopefully turn those attendees into leads. Carefully selecting the right people to man your booth at the event is important, since they will be the face of your company. Here are 3 characteristics to look for in your staff.

Many factors play a role in helping you get traffic at trade shows, from a stunning booth display or tradeshow truss to contests or giveaways. But none of those things will keep attendees at your booth quite like having the right staff to represent your company. It is this team that will give potential customers a glimpse as to what they can expect from your company if they do decide to do business with you. While your staff should be friendly, enthusiastic, and willing to greet the attendees, there are many other criteria that makes up a great staff that will make people want to stick around your booth instead of the competitor s.



A staff that knows what they re talking about at the event can go a long way and often times goes hand-in-hand with experience. The employees who have been with your company the longest will have a better understanding of your products or services and may be able to answer questions at the booth that the rookies most likely can t. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and you may have an employee that hasn t been with the company very long, but is just as knowledgeable as the more experienced employee. If this sounds like one of your employees, it may be a great opportunity to let them participate at the show, but typically it is the seasoned staff members who will be able to answer the toughest questions thrown their way by the attendees.


The More Departments, the Better

Having a well-rounded team man your show display will give attendees a better understanding of how the company runs. Along with salespeople, this may include employees from marketing, manufacturing, website development, and engineering to thoroughly educate potential customers on what the various departments do and what the company is all about.


A Winning Attitude

As I already mentioned, friendliness, enthusiasm, and willingness to speak to everyone who walks by or enters your booth are a must. Having people staff your booth who clearly would rather be somewhere else or don t bother acknowledging attendees shouldn t be at the show representing your company. It could give attendees a negative perception of your business, causing them to pay more attention to your competitors than to you. Instead, choose employees who seem passionate about the work the company does and would love to share it with everyone. The right attitude is much more approachable than a negative one.


As important as these 3 staff characteristics are, there are a couple things you can do to ensure their success at the trade show:


  • Train them “ Refresh their knowledge on the products, services, or company by holding a training session prior to the event. Also, role playing different scenarios at the event will better prepare them for the unexpected.
  • Communicate your expectations “ What is your goal at the event? Let your staff know what the overall goal is (more leads, sales, etc.), as well as giving each staffer an individual goal to work towards.
  • Offer incentives “ Motivate them to reach their goals by offering a prize for reaching it.

With these tips, you are sure to have the right staff represent your company at your next trade show.