Tips for Setting up a Trade Show BoothDepending on the type of trade show booth you have, setting it up can be an all-day affair. Along with setting the booth up, you also need to take into consideration any additional accessories or flooring that will need to be assembled. Getting your brochures, marketing materials, and signage ready can also add minutes to your already hectic schedule.
If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of not having enough time to prepare for your event, here are a few tips and tricks that will help ease your mind and relax during this busy time.

Have a Trade Show Booth Designer You Can Trust
The first step to feeling confident about your booth is hiring a dependable booth designer that will get the job done. For starters, this company should have plenty of experience in order to know how to effectively design and deliver your booth. Smash Hit Displays is a prime example of a company that stands behind every product they sell, knowing that our customers will admire the quality and craftsmanship of each display. For more reasons why you should buy a booth from Smash Hit Displays, check out our blog.

Set it up Ahead of Time
The best way to know exactly how long it will take for everything to be assembled and displayed, practice putting the booth together before heading to the trade show venue. Do not forget to set a timer to gauge exactly how much time is needed. You may also want to practice setting it up with the flooring, marketing materials, and any other accessories you plan on bringing with you at the event.

Give Yourself Time
Another great way to ensure you are not feeling stressed the day of the big show is to give yourself an ample amount of time to set up the booth and get it ready for show time. Get to the venue as early as possible to ensure that all wiring for lights or other fixtures is ready, as well as make sure your display looks the way you would like it to. If the venue allows it, set up the night before the event to reduce your trade show anxiety.

Go Portable
Portable Displays do not all have the simple designs they used to. Today, many of these booths have a custom appearance, yet takes a fraction of the time to put together. Using a portable display, such as the popular Hop up Displays, will save you time and money, while still making your company look good at the show.

Packing the Booth up After the Show
One way to cut the time needed to pack everything up once the show is over is to do so little by little. If traffic is slow and you have less than an hour before the show is over, start packing up some of the smaller items that you may not need anymore. This could be the brochures, giveaway items, or maybe products you have on display. Having these items stowed away will require less time at the end of the show to pack everything else up.

These are just a few ideas that will help you effortlessly set up your trade show booth. Do you have any ideas you would add?