These ideas will help you greatly increase the amount of people that come to your trade show booth.

So you spent tons of time and money preparing for an upcoming trade show, however there is one major detail that you overlooked “ marketing your trade show booth to your audience before the event. Without promoting your booth, you most likely won t get as much traffic as you would if all your customers were aware that you would be at the show. Here are a few ways to reach out and give your audience a heads up on when and where they can find you at the show.

Send out Emails

Sending out emails is a great way to let your customers know about the upcoming show you will be a part of. However, use emails with caution because they could come off as spam and end up unread. If you do decide to do this, give your audience some sort of incentive on why they need to see your show display (launch of a new product, special giveaway item, etc.).

Arrange Meetings at the Trade Show

Before the exhibit even begins, give your customers who live relatively close to the show site a call and set up meetings at the event to solve any issues they may have that your products can help them with.

Give a Shout out Using Social Media

Let all of your followers and fans know about your display booth at the trade show. On Twitter, use the name of the convention as a hash tag to make it very easy for everyone, including people who aren t following you, to be informed. Using hashtags is also a great way to connect with other exhibitors.

Build a Landing Page on Your Website

Educate your customers on your latest products and what they can expect to see at your booth.

These ideas will help promote your exhibit and get the traffic you want, but it is also crucial that your trade show display has a stunning, eye-catching look that will set you apart from the competition. Give us a call at Smash Hit Displays to help with all of your booth needs!