Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booth

Tips for Setting up a Trade Show BoothDepending on the type of trade show booth you have, setting it up can be an all-day affair. Along with setting the booth up, you also need to take into consideration any additional accessories or flooring that will need to be assembled. Getting your brochures, marketing materials, and signage ready can also add minutes to your already hectic schedule.
If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of not having enough time to prepare for your event, here are a few tips and tricks that will help ease your mind and relax during this busy time.

Trade Show Booth Design TipsTrade show display booths are a consumer-oriented graphical means of advertising products and services in exhibitions and shows. Trade show booth design is a very critical stage in ensuring that your message reaches the intended market with ease. As such, it's usually of profound importance to create a design process that sends the outlined signals of the marketing purpose to consumers. By so doing, the customers will visualize an easier way to choose which product or service suits their individual need. For this to succeed, you need to ask yourself, who will build your booth, how much it with would cost and whether or not it would function properly. Here are some tips on how to design your display boxes;

Top Trade Show AccessoriesIn this age of a digital blaze, the use of technology has become ubiquitary. It starts from the displays to conferences to events and outdoor installations; companies are now leveraging technology to create top-notch glamour to their custom trade show displays. Trade show accessories come with a new kind of wholeness, life, and add appeal to the entire trade show exhibit. Here are some of the leading trade show booth accessories that you can give a try today.


A Digital Sanctum for Recharging

Truth be told, trade shows are very debilitating. People get very thirsty, tired, and hungry while on the display floor and would, therefore, need a safe place where they can rest as they recharge their mobile devices. A nice digital haven that has relaxing lounge seats and café tables with inbuilt chargers can help in this regard. A good digital lounge should have a recharging station built with AC power outlets, lighting connectors, as well as USB ports. With this, it would be needless for your attendees to go back to their hotel rooms to recharge their gadgets.

The Display Counters

If you want your booth to work well and with much ease, then what you need is a perfect trade show display counter. Given the fact that a trade show display should take the shortest time possible to draw the attention of a passerby and direct them to the booth, the display should be visually appealing, complete and inviting. There are several top-ranking counters that you can use at your trade show booth and appeal to many.

Bright & Attractive Signage

Attention is the only thing that exhibitors are competing for everywhere. Trade show displays should be designed in a manner that they can be easily identified from far and entice attendees to walk by. A number of businesses exhibiting at trade shows have replaced the old large printed signage with new and digital signage that are more flashy. To explore the digital world and attract more customers to your booth, you can have internet-connected displays on LCD monitors or large-scale video walls.

Interactive Screens & Walls

Just as the touch screens, which are currently ruling across all ages, social media is also all about interactivity. Large touchscreens give users an opportunity to control what they need to order or purchase. They have been successfully used in public venues like restaurants and even botanic gardens.

At a trade show event, touch screens will enable the attendees to interact with your company's multimedia content freely and have a fresh and a whole new experience. Apart from exploring your 'story,' the visitors will also manipulate elements like playing videos, rotating or enlarging images, and clicking on links and texts.

As things continue to change, nobody wants to be a spectator any longer. They want to participate fully in anything that's going on. These interactive accessories can make your trade show display very successful.

Changing the Look of an Expo BoothWhether you have new products on the market that you want to advertise or just want to change the look of your expo booth that can be done without having to purchase an entirely new display. Here is a list of things you can do to completely transform your convention booth into a brand new one without spending a fortune.

display designPublicity is the heart of any business. It creates awareness of the current goods and services available and their prices, they also serve as the contact point with the customers and help address various concerns. Custom trade displays help your business stand out in the crowd, which means they must be conspicuous and eye-catching. Although the displays are excellent, most of them are expensive making it unaffordable to most business people. At Smash Hit Displays, we understand that the high cost will be transferred to the consumer causing an increase in commodity price.

How will you know you are paying more?

Check the graphics used.

When you have a display with complex pictures and many writings on it, the rent to pay will be high and vice versa. Smash Hit Displays use simple but bold and clear trade show booth graphics. We always make them memorable and eye-catching as possible.

Be cautious in the description.

It is tempting to give a story about your products, don`t do that. It means more space and resources will be needed. At Smash Hit Displays, we advocate keeping the message short and precise. Avoid being technical as you intend to reach all kinds of clients.

Consider the material used.

Trade displays are made for different reasons; some are made for heavy products while others are for light products. A complex display uses more resources, and that translates to high rental costs. Many show displays are also going green by using eco-friendly and lightweight materials to reduce waste. Smash Hit Displays use affordable material but ensuring the quality is not compromised.

Use a memorable and simple headline

A display should be easy to notice and quickly inform what products are therein. Long and complex headlines do not only consume space but are not memorable. Most people will only give a passing glance or though a few may come and learn a few things.

The amount of space Occupied.

Some of the products on display do not require as much space as they occupy. It is important to audit the unused space and hire it out. Arranging the products in an orderly manner can be the first step towards your saving. If the space unutilized is big, one can opt to relocate to an affordable display.

Smash Hit Displays is dedicated to ensuring your products are known to the customers. We are also mindful of the cost and its implication to the final price of the product. We are therefore dedicated to offering affordable and quality displays. Get in touch with us for fantastic offers.

5 Unique Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
With so many trade show booths vying for the attendees attention, there is only about 3 seconds to peek their interest and draw them to your booth. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to get the attention you want at your next event.
Elements Every Well-Designed Trade Show Booth NeedsThe design of your trade show booth can make a huge difference in how much traffic you receive, as well as whether or not you are attracting potential customers. With these tips, you will be able to create a well-designed booth that will not only draw attention to it, but will also be remembered long after the show.
Here are several tips on how to measure how effective your trade show booth is.

Keep Your Booth Looking Like New With Routine MaintenanceJust you take care of your vehicle through routine maintenance, the same should go for your trade show booth. If you are a seasoned exhibitor, your booth puts a lot of miles on it, which could require it to regularly get repaired. These tips will tell you exactly what to look for in your exhibit after every show to find out if it needs to be repaired at all.

Understanding what attendees are thinking and feeling as they set foot in your trade show booth can be a daunting task. With these tips, you should have a better idea of what thoughts are going through their head as they roam your booth.