Why Should Attendees Stop by Your Exhibit?With tons of trade show exhibits competing for the attendees attention, what will make your booth different from theirs? With these 5 ideas, you will have more booth traffic than you expected.

Wouldn t it be nice if you could stand in your booth doing nothing but smiling as an endless amount of traffic came into your exhibit for trade shows? Sadly, standing around doing nothing and lots of booth traffic don t go hand-in-hand. If you really want to draw in a crowd and get your company s name out there for your audience to remember, keep your exhibit active by following these ideas for attracting attendees.

1. Product Demonstrations

One of the best ways to sell your products is by showing potential consumers firsthand what makes them great. Some booth displays come equipped with an area to hold demonstrations. If your exhibit doesn t have a demo area, purchase or rent a table and consider having the event held right at the entrance of your booth display in order for attendees to easily see it.

2. Talk to Attendees

It seems like a pretty basic concept, but you would be surprised at how many exhibitors seem to think attendees should be the ones to approach them instead of the other way around. A simple gesture, such as saying, œhello,  and making small talk can keep attendees hanging around your exhibit and may also turn into something more, such as a sale or lead.

3. Host a Seminar or Presentation

Educate your audience on your industry, company, or products/services by holding a seminar or presentation. A great way to attract a crowd is to have a well-known professional in your industry. If that s not a possibility, the founder or CEO of your company would be an excellent option.

4. Make Your Booth Interactive

Instead of the boring environment of most trade show displays, having activities that will get attendees involved and engaged will hold their interest and is something they will remember long after the show. Giveaways, contests, and games are just a few ways you can make your exhibit interactive and unforgettable.

5. Add Technology

In today s technologically advanced world, getting people to put their cell phones or tablets down for a minute can be a challenge. This is all the more reason to add technology to your exhibit. Plasma monitors and iPad kiosks can be placed strategically throughout your booth in order to display PowerPoint presentations or videos of your company, as well as any digital marketing materials you would like to share with your audience, such as a website or brochure.

Attendees have a short attention span, especially with hundreds of trade show exhibits competing for their attention. Use these ideas to ensure your display exhibition stands out and draws in an ample amount of traffic.