Show Exhibits

Show Exhibits

So, your trade show display has served its purpose very well. Your investment has paid off, perhaps several times over. Now it s time to retire your trade show exhibit, or maybe it s time to upgrade. Rather than trash it or recycle it, why not profit from the display after all it still has plenty of life left. But how do you ensure some kind of profit monetarily or philanthropically from the old exhibit? This article is intended to give you some ideas on that very thing: either selling or donating it. The only thing that needs changed is the graphics!

An excellent online trade show display provider as one distinct characteristic: a philosophy of high quality, personalized service. I literally hate feeling like just another sale, or a number. When I sense that my business is not highly important to an exhibit provider, I leave the website or hang up the phone! My trade show booth display is a significant investment of both time and money, so I want to be careful to get the very best deal I can, which means so much more than a reasonable price. A competitive purchase or rental price is just the proverbial icing on the cake!

When it is time for you to go shopping for an online trade show display provider, I hope that these suggestions might be useful to you.

There are still too many outdated, old notions about what a so-called green trade show exhibit looks like. But the truth is that the playing field for green construction materials has changed, even in the last few years. These days, eco-friendly green trade show displays are every bit as good as trade show standard display systems in terms of design, durability, attractiveness, and cost too. What are these readily available green substances, and what makes them the same, or better quality than trade show display industry standards? Let s take a look.

Most often, the purchase or rental of your trade show exhibit represents a significant investment. The selection as to who you will buy or rent from is nearly as important as the actual display itself. These days there is a plethora of trade show display vendors to choose from for your display.

Frankly, not all of these exhibit providers are worthwhile; some are interested in making the sale only, and for the most money they can get from you, while there are a select few others who are interested in earning long-term clients and serving their clients well. It is critical that you are prepared, have done your research, and ask the right questions to pick the best trade show display company. In most cases the manufacturer sells only to the retailer, and the retailer to the end-user, buyer.

Just as the success of a business depends entirely upon competent, quality individuals, the ultimate success of a trade show exhibit depends completely on proper staffing and training. It is all too easy to overlook this key factor, or put it off until it s too late. In fact, staffing and training of your exhibit should be an integral piece of the overall trade show plan, and should begin months in advance of the show.
planning-trade-show-exhibitsIn Part 1 of this article, we focused mainly on planning, budgeting, and other pre-show subjects. In Part 2, we shift the emphasis to actual display issues, just before the show, at show opening, and post-show. Again I remind you that there is a lot of material to be explored on each of these considerations when you search the internet; the intent of this article is to provide an overview.
tradeshow exhibits -part1Whether you are a first-time exhibitor, or a trade show veteran, there are many fundamental items to consider in order to enjoy a successful trade show exhibit and a profitable show. Although much is written about each of these considerations , the following list provides a summary, in one convenient article. Certainly there are always more subjects (and subtopics) that could be included in this listing, but this is a solid starting place. Using an internet search engine for each of these topics will round-out your knowledge base and ensure excellent profitability.
successful trade show exhibitAre you thinking about entering a trade show exhibit for the first time? If so, there are many things to consider. Putting up a display and manning the booth are only one piece of the puzzle. Like anything that is successful, there must be a plan and structure that is if you want to realize a solid return on your investment in event. Just one successful trade show event will light the fire for many more, because they work! In fact, every well-rounded marketing plan should include events that gain plenty of face-to-face exposure for the company.
exhibit booth ideas for new brandsIf you are starting a new business, or have recently started a business, I am sure you realize the importance of growing your brand s reputation. There are many competing products out there, and standing out is a function of the quality of your product, the product s packaging, as well as the effort and quality of marketing your company. It is particularly difficult to develop distribution channels with retailers if you need to form distribution channels. Many retailers are hesitant to carry goods from newly created companies when they do not have a well-known name attached to it. Developing a brand name and reputation is difficult to achieve, although there are many alternate ways to succeed at growing your brand.
In a typical trade show setting, the attendees will give your trade show booth about 3 seconds to catch their attention before they move on. It s no secret that, when designing your trade show display, your goal is to draw in a crowd, not get overlooked. In fact, many exhibitors make lose the opportunity to talk to potential buyers because they are under the assumption that their booth display must be over-the-top.