Exhibit BoothsThere are so many advantages to participating in conventions. It is a place where people from similar industries and interests can come together and network. Trade shows are also one of the few advertising tools that give small, medium, and large businesses the opportunity to promote their businesses equally.

Having eye-catching exhibit booths doesnt necessarily mean they are the largest and most over-the-top. In fact, with the right trade show graphics, and display system can be a winner. Here are a few brand-new, cost-efficient trade show booths.


Linear Hybrid Exhibit Displays The unique feature of these convention exhibits is the shape, due to the wings and headers that are included. Strong aluminum frames are used, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. To make these display systems really pop, Lambda graphics and monitors can be added.

20 foot Hop up Fabric Display Just like our pop up booths, the frame simply pops open and locks into place. The graphics snugly and securely fit across the frame to create a flawless, wrinkle-free look. If you want to change the look from one year to the next, the graphics can quickly and easily be changed.

Custom Displays One thing you can expect with these customized booths is that every detail will match your criteria since you were the one who designed it. Everyone wants to stand out at conferences, so custom convention booths are becoming in-demand. Smash Hit Displays has added several custom booths to our website.

These are just a few of the trade show booths that have recently hit the market and are quickly getting the attention of exhibitors. Smash Hit Displays is constantly adding fresh products to our website to ensure we stay up-to-date on what s hot in the trade show industry. We want to help make you a success at your next event, give our sales representatives a call and let us design your next convention display!