In a typical trade show setting, the attendees will give your trade show booth about 3 seconds to catch their attention before they move on. It s no secret that, when designing your trade show display, your goal is to draw in a crowd, not get overlooked. In fact, many exhibitors make lose the opportunity to talk to potential buyers because they are under the assumption that their booth display must be over-the-top.

In reality, it is actually the simpler booths that get the attention. Here are a few tips you should take into consideration when designing your exhibit stands.

Eliminate Clutter

You may think that the more products and promotional literature you display will bring in a crowd, but you will just end up repelling attendees instead of intriguing them to stop by your exhibit. Consider bringing only two or three products at the most. The average person would prefer to try the product before purchasing, so allow them to hold and use these products while at your booth.

A majority of printed brochures and other literature will end up in the trash. To eliminate all of this waste, consider displaying a presentation, listing all of the benefits of your products. Adding an LCD plasma monitor to your trade show exhibit will add sophistication and professionalism to any trade show display. Another option would be to bring your own laptop and show potential buyers your website or a PowerPoint presentation you created.

If you do want to bring printed literature, display it in a trade show literature stand. This way, you will keep your counters and tables free from clutter while still having this information readily available to attendees.

Bright Colors

Attendees are only giving you a few seconds to get their attention. Using neutral colors will only make your display booth blend in to the background. Bright, energetic colors, such as orange, red, and yellow, will definitely get your booth more attention.

Fresh Graphics

It is extremely important that your graphics are updated every year in order to incorporate any new products or services you have added. Graphic packages can be purchased separately from the entire display systems, allowing you to use the same frame year after year, while still getting a fresh look with updated trade show graphics. There is a limit to the number of images you should be printing on these graphic panels. If there is too much going on, then your display will look cluttered and busy, which will ultimately get your entire exhibit overlooked.

Text- Less is More

Too much text will take you right back to the cluttering problem I mentioned earlier. No more than one or two short sentences should be used. The goal behind these sentences is to communicate your marketing message as simply as possible, not to educate attendees of all the products and services you have to offer. Once their attention is grabbed by the marketing message, you will have plenty of time to explain to them what your company can offer.

And finally

Be Creative

If you have the opportunity to attend a trade show before you participate in one, take notes on what booths caught your eyes and why. Why did one trade show booth catch your eye while another seemed boring? By researching other trade show exhibits, you should be able to come up with some ideas for your display system that will make you stand out.

Trade shows are a lot of work; it takes a substantial amount of energy and time to get the results you want. But in the end, your hard-working efforts will pay off. The previous suggestions should give you some structure to consider when preparing your exhibit. This is not something you can just throw together and expect to get business. Most companies plan a year in advance when designing their booths. Know what it is you want to accomplish at a trade show before you exhibit. Acknowledging this before your event will make designing your booth that much easier and the payoff can be well worth it.