You shelled out thousands of dollars to create the perfect trade show exhibits, promotional literature, and giveaway or drawing items. Yet, you still haven t gotten the results you were expecting. What went so terribly wrong? It takes more than just showing up at a trade show to get leads. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions of events and ways to avoid them entirely.

#1 If I Show up, the Attendees Will Come

As I mentioned, just by making your presence known at a convention isnt enough to increase traffic to your exhibit display system. It takes months of preparations and planning for a successful trade show exhibits. Some elements that should be incorporated into your plan are as follows:
  • Pre-show advertising: Let your customers and the public know when the event takes place, as well as the location of your trade show booth.
  • Goal: Know exactly what you plan to accomplish. Have an idea what you want to get out of the event.
  • Follow-up: Contact your leads soon after the show to thank them for their time and answer any further questions you may have. Some ways of doing this are either by phone or by sending thank-you cards.

#2 The More Expensive My Trade Show Booth is, The More Traffic I will Get

It is true that the more unique your convention booth is, the more eye-catching it is going to be. That doesnt mean you have to take out a loan to afford a decent exhibit. In fact, there are a variety of displays that are affordable while also having a one-of-a-kind design. Even with a well-designed display system, no one will want to stop by if you don t have friendly staff. These people will be representing your company at the event, so if they are ignoring people walking by or inside the trade show booth, it may appear that your company won t care about their customers. For more information on what to look for when hiring trade show booth staff, feel free to read my blog. Also, with approximately 3-5 seconds to capture the attendee s attention before they move on to the next trade show exhibit, effective trade show graphics are a must. Have minimal text and photos that clearly says what you do and how people can benefit from your products and services.

#3 The Attendees Will Call Me

Don t expect them to pick up the phone and call you. This may happen, but most of the time, it is the booth staff that needs to make the effort to reach out. With dozens, possibly hundreds of trade show booths fighting for their attention, they may not remember speaking with you. As I said earlier, phone calls and thank-you cards are an excellent way of contacting them. It shows that you care about having them as a customer. Conventions have proven to be one of the most highly-effective ways of promoting your business since it allows you to meet potential customers and vendors face-to-face. With the recession over, trade show attendance is predicted to rise in 2011. These tips should help you become a success at any trade show that comes your way.