6 Reasons to Love Hybrid Trade Show ExhibitsHybrid exhibits may not be as well known as the pop up or custom display, but it should be. There are several benefits to using these booths that cant be found with other, more traditional displays.

Hybrid displays have been on the market for a while, but are still a relatively new concept. What makes them different from other trade show displays is the fact that they have the unique design of custom displays with the portability and ease of setting up as portable displays, such as pop up displays. While this sounds like a great reason to use hybrid trade show exhibits, it isn t the only reason you should opt for these one-of-a-kind display systems. Here are 6 reasons to consider one for your upcoming event.

1. Strong, Yet Lightweight Frame

Aluminum hardware is used, which is much lighter than steel frames, saving money on shipping and freight costs. It is extremely tough and can withstand the wear and tear associated with assembling, dismantling, and just being on display in the crowded trade show.

2. Crisp Graphics

The first thing that will draw attendees to your booth are the graphics, since it is these images that will help promote your company, products, or services. The graphics used on Hybrid Displays are printed using dye sublimation, creating vibrant images that have a photo quality that helps bring the booth to life. Graphics can also be added to the wings and header for a more customized and memorable appearance.

3. Stunning Canopies

What makes these booths especially unique are the canopies that come with many of them. They have a unique shape, including straight, curved, and slanted. It adds a special flair to your exhibit that can t be found with a traditional, flat trade show booth.

4. Easy Assembly

Setting up these display systems takes very little time, thanks to the step-by-step instructions that come with them. No tools are need, which will take the headache out of trying to put the booth together yourself.

5. Accessories

While these booths alone have a distinctive look that sets them apart from other exhibits, tons of accessories can be added for a more memorable booth. Some of these accessories include lighting, counters, trade show flooring, and kiosks. Some of these booth packages come with accessories like these, but more can be added to create the look you want.

6. The Right Price

The price is right with these budget-friendly exhibits, costing much less than a custom exhibit, while still having a customized design. Part of the reason for these low prices is because of the lightweight materials and compact construction, allowing you to use only one or two shipping cases to transport it. If you are on a budget, hybrid exhibits are the way to go.
These exhibits have many benefits, not to mention their quick turnaround time. Hopefully these reasons will help you decide what trade show booth is right for you.