4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing Your Trade Show ExhibitThe first thing that will attract attendees to your trade show exhibit is its design, so having one that clearly tells potential customers who you are, what you do, and why they should buy from you is critical for bring the right traffic to your booth. Here are a few of the questions that need to be answered by your exhibit design.

Trade shows are not just about selling your products, but are also an excellent opportunity to take notes on what you like or don t like about other trade show exhibits. Maybe there s something you saw one exhibitor do that you want to try at your next event. The design you use is entirely up to you, but it should be able to answer specific questions just by looking at it from the trade show aisles. Answering these questions will tell attendees exactly who you are and whether or not your products or services would be a great fit for them. Here are some of those questions you need to answer throughout your booth design.

1. Who are you? – As surprising as this may be, not everyone is going to know who your company is, so being able to communicate that through your trade show display and promotional materials is very important. This can be done by showing attendees what you sell, what your company s mission statement is, and what your business represents.

2. What is your goal? – What are you trying to accomplish at the event? Do you want to rebrand your business? Are you trying to get more leads or sales? Whatever your goal is at the show, make sure it is incorporated somehow into your booth.

3. Who s your audience? – Since every demographic responds differently to different marketing messages, you need to know what demographic your audience is in before designing your show display. The right message will resonate with your potential customers long after the event and will draw in the right audience to your booth.

4. Which booth will best get your message across? – After all of the above questions have been answered, take your time deciding on which booth will be the best option for promoting your company at the trade show. If you are planning on displaying products and need plenty of space to do so, truss displays may be the best fit. However, if you would like to have a demonstration area, some custom displays are built with these areas in it. If you are still unsure as to what booth to go with, rental displays may be the perfect option because it will allow you to try out the exhibit before purchasing it. Whatever you decide to use should easily answer the previous questions so attendees know about your company before entering the booth.

Designing your graphics and signage around the answers to these questions are important to drawing the right audience to your booth.