Before buying trade show booths,here are 3 new fabric displays that you need to see to believe.

Especially if you are a rookie exhibitor, finding trade show booths that will stand out and fit into your budget can feel a bit overwhelming. Purchasing a display is a big investment for your company s future and one that you will be glad you made. By choosing the right one for you, you will be able to attract your target audience, generate leads, network with other professionals, and be remembered long after the event has ended.

One type of booth that has continued to be a popular choice is Fabric Trade Show Exhibits. One of the most popular reasons for these display options is the fact that they have a lightweight, super portable design that can practically travel anywhere with you easily. Another reason exhibitors are opting for these booths is the unique appearances that look more like custom displays, yet is a fraction of the cost. Whatever the reasons, Fabric Displays continue to be a requested booth among rookie and seasoned exhibitors alike. There are a few different types of fabric tension displays to choose from at Smash Hit Displays, including the following.


Quicken Exhibition Stands

Many years ago, Smash Hit Displays exhibited at a trade show, where we first caught sight of these stunning exhibition stands. We knew that we had to add them to our inventory because of the quality design, unique look, and simple assembly. They also have a look that we had never seen at trade shows before. An aluminum frame is used and comes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, including workstations, Exhibitline Displays, XR Displays, and accessories to enhance the look of any of the Quicken Exhibits.


Satellite Exhibit Displays

Manufactured in China, Satellite Hybrid Display Systems are a cost effective option for those exhibitors that have a small budget, but want to make a big impact at the event. What makes them so unique is the fact that each booth kit can be combined with other kits to create a customized booth as big or as little as the exhibitor prefers. Curved canopies are a part of all of these display kits for a bold look that most likely won t be found at trade shows and expos. The option to use straight or tapered end caps, for a more angled look, is also available.


Linear Display Exhibition

Linear Display Exhibitions come in a variety of looks and sizes for a booth that has been proven to draw in a crowd. Similar to the Satellite Displays, Linear Exhibits come with unique canopies that will boost the overall appearance of these intricate display systems. While most traditional trade show exhibits have a boxy look that can come off as a little dull, Linear Displays use unique wings and headers for a shape unlike others on the market. There are several types of Linear Displays available, depending on the style you want and the price you want to pay.


Fabric Exhibits are an exceptional option for those exhibitors who want to quickly set it up, plan on traveling, or have a small budget to work with. For more information on these booths, give Smash Hit Displays a call at (877) 215-5355.