Many businesses struggle when deciding whether or not trade show exhibits are up their ally. Here are ten reasons exhibiting is for you.


1. Trade shows are an incredible opportunity to create solid qualified selling leads. There are not many other places on earth where people from your sector of your industry will all directly flock with the mindset of doing business. These are rare opportunities to really reach right into your niche market.

2. Capitalize on your company s branding and image. It is not uncommon to have massive dramatic structures with tension fabric and banner stands. Get your image in front of peoples eyes with a bang. Make it something they remember.

3. Trade show exhibiting is a great opportunity to introduce new products your company may be rolling out. Give attendees a first hand exclusive chance to use your products or service. The buzz created will be very useful.

4. This is an awesome spot to sit back and collect. Collect data on every possible little thing that is going on. Customer reactions, flow of traffic, what pieces of your exhibit are true attention grabbers. Take notes and then reinvent. You will see progress in your exhibiting results.

5. Networking is key at trade show events. You can easily generate enough leads to truly establish your company s distribution network. Know what sort of people you are looking to connect with before you go to the show.

6. Meeting your buyers face-to-face is a huge plus of the trade show industry. Establishing a connection via the Internet and other technology can prove to be sometimes difficult and impersonal. Meeting your buyer face to face can erase some of these impersonalities of modern business.

7. Know your competition. How can you expect to smash your competition if you don t know who they are and what they do? Take a walk through a few exhibits. Size up what is going on in your industry. You may find allies you did not formerly know about.

8. Highlight your customer s reactions! If you catch a great reaction on film or write about it on your blog later on this can mean big attention from others. Making people happy is key. Highlight your big successes in this area.

The world of trade show exhibiting is vast and full of potential. Before choosing your show, look into the many different kinds related to your sector of business. Scout out the best location with the best demographics for you. Good luck out there!


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