Why You Should Consider Renting a Truss DisplayTruss displays are heavy-duty, stable, and most have customizable designs. Yet, if you arent ready to purchase one, truss rentals are the next best thing. Heres why.

Truss displays are a popular choice for a number of reasons; they are strong and stable, they can be customized, and they come in many different sizes and configurations. Because of the growing demand for these booths, Smash Hit Displays has decided to offer our clients with truss display rentals, for those people who don t want to buy a booth at the moment. If you are trying to figure out if these rentals are the right option for you, here are several benefits you will find with these exhibits.


Low Price

Whether you have a tight budget or just don t want to spend the money, buying a new display may be out of the question. The rental option allows our clients to have a beautiful truss system for a fraction of the cost of a purchased one.



Keeping your look fresh from one trade show to the next is going to keep your audience interested versus having the same booth for every event. Renting a truss will allow you to choose a different booth for every show, without having to commit to just one booth design. It s perfect, especially if you participate in the same shows every year that have the same audience. Also, your marketing objectives may change for the various shows you participate in, so being able to choose a different display for each show will allow you to easily create the marketing message you would like to promote.


Try it Out

Maybe you are in the market to purchase a truss display, but haven t been able to make up your mind as to which one you should go with. Renting a truss will allow you to test it out before making the big purchasing decision. By doing this, you ll be able to see if the layout is perfect for your booth visitors and staff to freely walk around, if the graphics are in a location that meets the eye of people walking the trade show aisles, or how well the booth helps boost your brand at the show.


No Need to Worry About Storage

When you aren t at trade shows, knowing where to safely store your truss system can be tricky. The come in many pieces, including the aluminum or steel frame components, the fabric graphics, lighting, and any other accessories included or added to your truss package. If you have the space available at your workplace, great! If not, you will have to pay for a storage facility, which can be expensive if you add up all of the months you will have to keep the booth stored. With a rental option, these costs are irrelevant because you will ship it back to the trade show display supplier once the event is over, saving you space and money.


When you are ready to buy a booth, truss systems are an excellent and popular choice. However, if any of the above reasons sound like you, then renting one is the best option at the moment. Smash Hit Displays is available to answer any questions you may have about our new truss rentals page, so please give us a call at (877) 215-5355 for more information.