The Importance of Trade Show Display RentalsRenting a trade show display can have numerous benefits for start-ups and small businesses attending trade shows as well as to large organizations seeking to maximize their interests. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons why it is better to use a trade show display rental than to buy one.


Renting a display provides convenience to businesses as it enables you to decide whether you want to continue renting or whether to buy your display. Renting a display for a few trade shows allows a business to review the cost benefits of buying against renting once they get a feel of the events and know how much money they make during the shows.

A business will not want to go all the way and make an investment by purchasing a trade show display on to realize later that they are not cut for exhibitions. Using a rental display give the business the convenience of not sticking to one format.



Trade show rentals enhance the flexibility of the business. Using rentals enables the business to have customized displays for every exhibition the business attends. You can use a different display configuration for various shows depending on whom you are targeting and what you will be putting on display. All the business has to do is to purchase graphic panels that compliment the new display.

Using rentals also make it easy for the business to experiment with different trade show booth sizes while eliminating the fear of making an investment that will not meet your needs. The business also has the opportunity of trying the various display types before to making a purchase so as to determine what works best for them.


Cost effectiveness

If the business only attends handful events each year or is facing budgetary constraints, then using display rentals remains the best option. If you are not making enough from the shows to purchase a display without eating into your profits, then rentals remain the most cost-effective option for the business until it starts attending shows regularly.


Additional options

If the company is seeking to augment its current show format, then rentals are the way to go. With add-ons such as banner stands and literature racks a both offers more visuals as opposed to what is on the display itself.

If the business wants to manage more traffic and have a large booth space at the same time, renting a display is the most viable choice. It creates a vast and dynamic environment for sales.


Additionally, if the business is launching a new product and does not want to redo its primary display, the product can be featured on rented trade show displays.