Five Unknown Facts About Truss Display Rentals

We have all seen them, trade shows display rentals with their cathedral-like design and elaborate layout, some with a spacious design and others with private meeting rooms located in the booth. For most of us, we are in awe over the impressive look of these trusses. However, thinking about paying for a booth with such an intricate design may cause you to stress over being able to budget for these stunning booths.


Fortunately there is a way you can afford a booth like this. How, you ask? Through truss rentals. These truss options will allow you to use one of the latest displays for a smaller cost since you would only be using it for a short period of time. Since truss rentals are still relatively new in the industry, you may be wondering whether or not they would be a good fit for you. To help make your decision easier, here are some facts about these rentals you need to keep in mind.


1. Setting up and storing it is included in the price.

Along with the already-low price of truss display rentals is someone to take care of all of the logistics and storage of the booth. Not only will the vendor of these trusses deliver, assemble, dismantle, and store the exhibit for you, but they will also provide cleaning services in order to keep the display looking like new for the next person to rent the booth.


2. Can be customized.

Just because you don t own the display doesn t mean you can t give it a customized look. Graphics can be added to enhance your brand and help promote products or services. Trade show accessory rentals are also available to add some personality to these extravagant displays.


3. Many shapes and sizes to choose from.

Just as you would when purchasing a truss, there are tons of shapes and sizes available to you. From an 8 foot curved truss to a 20 x 20 island truss, there are many styles to choose from for everyone s taste.


4. Use a different truss for every event.

Without the commitment of buying one, you can send the truss back to us after every event, allowing you choose a new style for your next show.


5. Fast shipping time.

Since truss rentals are pre-made and manufactured in the United States, they can also be shipped quickly, ranging from a couple of days to a week at the most.


Hopefully this truss display rental tips will help you make your decision. If truss displays are not your style, then check out our custom trade show display rentals.