Factors to Consider in Getting the Best Rental Trade Show DisplayRental displays have become excellent options for exhibitors, and they are getting more common day after day. They allow you to save money and present your brand professionally. Before taking a rental display, it is important that you know what exactly you are looking for to ensure you get high-quality displays. There are things to consider in order to get the best display which include;

It would be very frustrating if you run into problems when trying to set up the display and the show has already began. Choose a company that offers you convenience in terms of assembling and transportation. The best displays are the light-weight. They will cost less for transport and are easy to park after the show is over. They will save you the stress of traveling with bulks. Some of the lightweight displays include; banner stands, pop up displays and fabric extensions.

Look for unique booths
When looking for which trade show booth to rent, check the most unique and different. For a successful trade show, you should be outstanding. The best thing about rental trade show exhibits is that most of them can be customized and they come with full equipment and have more private rooms where you can hold meetings with clients individually. This feature is likely to attract more traffic to your booth.


Go to a dealer that can offer you with transportation for the display. If you have that sorted and there are people to help you with assembling and parking, you are likely to have a significant event. Choose the one that is easy to assemble and pack in few minutes hence transportation will be easier. Also, if they can offer you transportation, it means they are responsible for the safety of the display. You will, therefore, have fewer things to worry about, and you will be able to concentrate on making the day better and marketing your products.

Get the one with an open layout

An open plan booth will allow you and the attendees to interact freely without the feeling of being restricted by space. It will allow more people to fit in which could help in increasing the sales.

Always chose a company that offers you the freedom to change the graphics, messaging and design and customize with yours. You also check if they offer the freedom to expand it when the events are vast.
Rental displays are more efficient and cost friendly compared to buying one and with the above tips, you will get the best from it.