10 foot curved pop up displayTrade shows may intimidate small businesses because they will be competing against thousands of larger companies with larger budgets. However, with effective trade show display designs and marketing, small businesses can seem as large as the bigger companies. Whether you use 20 foot pop up display booths or banner stands, you can be just as effective as larger companies with the right design. Here are a few tips when designing your trade show graphics.

  • Keep it simple
  • Use one large image instead of several smaller images
  • Use easy-to-read font instead of fancy font.
  • Tell them who you are and what you do. Be as brief as possible.

With only 3 seconds to catch the attention of potential customers, you need effective graphics to draw them in. No matter what size your booth is, the graphics can make or break or trade show display.

Trade shows are the one place where small businesses have the opportunity to get just as many sales as the large businesses. If you are on the fence over whether or not you exhibiting will be worth the money, here are several reasons to consider participating in trade shows.

Attracts people with purchasing power

Trade shows draws in business executives who have decision-making power as well as individuals who may become customers. Many of these people would probably never have visited your business if it werent for the trade show.

Enhances your company s identity and brand awareness

This is the perfect opportunity to inform the public of your latest product or service. I would recommend having a demonstration of your newest product. After all, most people want to try a product before paying tons of money on something they re not really sure they need or want in the first place.

Networking with other professionals and potential customers

Spending a couple days at a trade show will give you and your booth staff the opportunity to meet and greet hundreds of people, whether they are interested in your products or are willing to help send customers your way as long as you reciprocate the gesture.

As the previous reasons have shown you, you will have the chance to meet tons of people who you would normally not have had the opportunity to meet. Not only will trade shows pop up displays help generate leads, but they will get the name of your company known and, with an effectively designed trade show display, will help make a memorable impression long after the show is over.