Eco-friendly Trade Show DisplaysMost trade show exhibits have now become less wasteful while still having an eye-catching design. Pop up displays are one type of display booth that has begun to incorporate eco-friendly materials into every trade show pop up display.

Some of the components that make these pop up display booths green include the following:

Aluminum Frame and Trade Show Graphics

Recycled/Reusable materials are used to create the heavy-duty frame and quality graphic panels.

Fabric Panels

If you opt to use fabric panels instead of graphics, these brilliantly-colored fabric panels are created using post-consumer recycled plastic.

Lightweight and Portable

Green trade show displays arent limited to just what materials are used, but also how much fuel and shipping costs are. These pop-up stands are extremely lightweight, weighing less than 20 lbs.

These pop up trade show displays are stylish and eye-catching, while also being good for the environment. There are two lines of pop up displays that are known for being earth-friendly: Coyote and Eco Systems Pop up Displays. Both are created in the US to ensure they are built of quality materials; however, the Eco Systems Display Booths are the only trade show booth that is made 100% out of sustainable and recycled materials. Not only do they include the previous components, but they also use bamboo shelves and LED lights to cut down on energy usage.

If you are t ready to make the commitment to these attractive portable displays, then you also have the option of renting, which costs a fraction of what a brand-new display booth costs to purchase. If you are still unsure if these pop up displays are right for you, give Smash Hit Displays a call and let them help you find the trade show booth that will fit your needs.