Effectively Promote Your Business with Pop up Displays

Here are just a few reasons pop up displays can be used to boost your brand at trade shows.

Smash Hit Displays has become a leading nationwide supplier of trade show displays, including truss systems, custom displays, and banner stands, but one display system that exhibitors continue to request are pop up displays. What makes these unique exhibit booths stand out is their simple pop open mechanism that can be put together from opening the heavy-duty aluminum frame and locking it into place for easy assembly. The graphic panels are attached firmly using magnetic channel bars, which will keep them connected until you are ready to pack up these pop up stands.

Smash Hit Displays carries three different types of pop up trade show displays: Premium Coyote, Trifectors, and Hop up Displays. The Premium Coyote Pop up Booth is designed and manufactured almost entirely in the United States and is built out of high-quality materials that will last through years of exhibiting. The Trifectors Trade Show Booths are one of the most affordable options and are lightweight and portable, making it easy to ship from one event to the next. Hop up Displays are unique because they use immaculate tension fabric that stretches across the frame for a seamless look. All trade show pop up displays comes in an assortment of sizes and shapes, including tabletop, 8, 10, and 20 foot sizes. The 20 foot display stands can be broken down into two separate 10 foot convention booths and new graphics can be purchased, allowing you to promote different products or services at different shows.

This is only one trade show exhibit you can expect to find on Smash Hit Displays website, but they are constantly adding new products that have innovative designs. We also just became GSA-certified and have aggressive pricing available for not only Federal Government agencies, but also have year-round low prices for small and large businesses alike. Let us know if you would like a quote on one of our thousands of convention displays.