tradeshow marketingOver $12 billion is spent preparing, marketing, and generating leads for trade show booths. Because of all of the money that is invested in this effective marketing strategy, it is important that exhibitors are using their trade show funds correctly in order to get the most bang for their buck. Below are just a few ideas to create a memorable trade show display without wasting your company’s marketing dollars.

  • Contact past leads. If your upcoming trade show is not your first, then you probably have leads from past events. Try to contact these potential customers at least six weeks before the show to inform them that your booth will be at the show, where to find it, and any other incentives that will entice them to stop by. This can be done through cold-calling or direct mail pieces. By contacting them, you will bring more interested traffic to your exhibit that wouldn’t have been possible without doing so.
  • Show attendees your professional side. Even if your event is informal, make sure you are dressed to impress. This may mean wearing a suit or dress, as well as having a clean appearance.
  • Being professional doesn’t just stop at your appearance. The way you communicate and approach attendees will also make a huge difference in whether or not they will want to do business with you. All staff members should approach every attendee with a friendly, welcoming demeanor. Also, refrain from eating or drinking in your booth as this could cause potential customers to think you are on a break and not able to talk to them.
  • Save the sales pitch. Trying to sell your products to everyone who enters your display system is a definite way to keep people from wanting to check out your products. Get to know each person at a more personal level, such as asking where they are from, what they enjoy doing, and what their plans for the weekend are. When the timing is right or when asked about what your company offers, you will have your opportunity to pitch your products.
  • Set appointments at the show. Why wait until the event is over to set appointments? Bring your appointment book or laptop with you to set appointments with interested clients on the trade show floor. This is a great way to guarantee you will see them again after the trade show is over.
  • Follow up. All of your efforts at the trade show will be wasted if you are not following up with leads. About two weeks after the show, send out thank-you notes to all potential customers. Sending these notes with a business card will make it easy for leads to reach out to you when the show is over.

While these ideas will help create a successful trade show event, having the perfect trade show display is a must. Contact Smash Hit Displays for help in designing your next booth.