While preparing for a trade show exhibit can take a considerable amount of time and resources, your job is not over yet. Read on to learn exactly what you should do following your company tradeshow exhibit at an industry conference.

Find Out What People Are Saying

  • If you chose to go the social media route and you created a Twitter hashtag for your trade show display conference, do some research on Twitter to discover what people are saying about your trade show display and your company. Hopefully, any information you discover will be of the positive sort, but negative feedback also provides helpful information that you can use to make improvements at your next trade show event.
  • If you have a Facebook presence, consider launching a poll or survey to determine what your prospects thought of their trade show display experience. In this survey, you can ask questions to determine what people liked, what they did not like, and what they would like to see in a future trade exhibit from your company.
  • Get in touch with any people who talked about your trade show exhibit on the social media sphere. While all of these people may not be your ideal sales prospects, they are directly and indirectly marketing your company and your trade show exhibit appearance. Moreover, as they are most likely to be appreciative of the fact that you reached out to them, they may continue to promote your company at different events in the future.
Encourage People to Keep in Touch With Your Company
  • Whether the format is via your blog, a newsletter, or via Twitter or Facebook, encourage your followers or subscribers to be actively engaged in with you and your company. Some ways to keep followers engaged is to offer information that is directly related to their particular needs. In addition, from time to time, it may make sense to keep followers engaged via special offers, contests, and free eBooks.
All in all then, while it is important to keep in touch with prospects before and during a trade show, it is also equally important to stay in touch with prospects after a trade show as well. Want to learn more about creating a memorable trade show exhibit? Smash Hit Displays provides clients with attractive yet affordable trade show displays and other promotional tradeshow products. Our experienced experts can definitely help you create an eye-catching exhibit that will help draw customers to you.