I have read articles that say to be careful with adding too much electronics to your trade show booth. Completely disagree with those people! Although in the grand scheme of things, we humans are still in our technological infancy, this is a booming time for electronic gadgets and gizmos. My opinion is, use as much electronics and technology as you can in your display. People these days expect it! As we all know well, there are entire trade shows and conventions devoted solely to the latest in electro-technology. Because it works! Electronics catch the eye naturally and quickly, and pull people in after all, isn t that what a trade show booth is supposed to do?

Even though light and motion are natural for attention-getting, most exhibitors still use attractive booth design and crisp, clean graphics as the front line in attracting people. With the exception of electronics and technology trade shows and events, electronics and technology devices are the second in line to attract, hold, and maintain attention. Now I know that some of you might disagree, but when you visit enough shows, you can see that the bulk of technology is still used after immediate attention has been established. Electronics are mainly used as reinforcement, to involve and engage visitors further. Please understand, I am not claiming that this is necessarily a bad thing.

My belief is that electronics are an excellent, spot-on medium and should be employed wherever it makes sense. Let s take a look at some electronics that are commonly operated in trade show displays for various reasons.

  • Electric signage Electric signs are captivating, but of all the available electric signs, I think digital signs that include some sort of motion are the best way to go. It is next to impossible to ignore digital signs. In fact, I believe there should be more front line usage of digital signage.
  • Information displays and kiosks Used to compliment your display, information displays and kiosks convey information, involve the visitor in your message, and are entertaining. Here is where you need to be careful about going overboard in two ways: 1) limit your display to one or two kiosks or information displays, unless you want to drive people away, and 2) make certain that your presentation grabs and holds attention, while relating information that directly reinforces your marketing message. In other words, don t try to do too much in this area. Keep it simple.
  • Video stands Video stands are perfect for short presentations that are designed to engage and entertain. Sometimes I think that too many exhibitors have a video stand just for the sake of accessorizing. The video is the important item, here. Once again, be absolutely diligent about creating a video that directly supports, reinforces, and expands the marketing message of your booth.
  • Workstations and iPad counters Workstations and iPad counters are hands-down awesome as a trade show tool/display accessory. This means that now visitors can get the benefit of information/presentations, and interact with your booth. Some people would prefer to interact with a machine than a person staffing a booth. I have seen trade show exhibits that have seating (which is great to have) at workstations and iPad-embedded counters and people flock to them. This is one way to do things the visitor s way and still remain entirely effective.
  • Laptops and projectors Except in the case of smaller booths, I am not a big fan of using laptops and projectors. Smaller booths will find that yes, people will look or glance at the presentation, but for how long? For the larger booths, there are more effective alternatives, like the above ideas. Pay the extra money to have a laptop presentation (for that matter, all presentations) professionally made; it makes all the difference in the world.
  • Light boxes maybe it s just me, but I like light boxes. I think they make a great alternative to free-standing banners or banner signs, or even side walls or a main wall. These days there are so many designs and types. It pays to shop around if you haven t lately to see what is new.

In closing, again, I think that electronics are the way to go, and the way of the future, in trade show booths. My intent has been to share my thoughts on some of the more gratifying display electronics. I have chosen a select group of electronics, whereas it pays to do your own research and see what is new and current in the vast world of trade show electronics. Stay up-to-date and use lots of electronics!


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