More exhibitors are saving money by not printing hundreds of brochures and company literature, and, instead are turning to technological tools to relay important information at their show displays. Not only will you spend less money by not printing promotional literature, but you will also create less waste by having fewer papers for everyone to end up throwing away. Your audience and the environment will appreciate the fact that wastes will be reduced by printing less literature. Here are some ideas on how to use technology to educate your audience on the products and services they can find at your company.

QR Codes

This day and age you will see more people using smartphones than regular flip cellular phones. These phones allow you to access the Internet in the palm of your hand, which is where QR codes come in. Attendees simply need to scan the code from their phone and it will automatically take them to your website, a video, blog, or any other page you would like them to see. These codes can be found directly on trade show booth displays, as well as signs and business cards.

Have an Internet Area Available

If you have enough space, designate a certain area where your audience can use the Internet with workstation kiosks, laptops, or iPads you have set up. This is a great way to draw in a crowd, but will also give you the opportunity to show booth visitors your website. There may be additional Internet costs at the trade show venue, so check with the event s management to find out how much it would cost you.

Reduce the Size of Printed Material

If you still want to hand out printed material to prospective new clients, then print the information on business card-sized paper with a URL at the bottom that will take your audience to a website that will give them more detailed information. Don t try to cram too much information on these small cards; instead, put a bullet point list on it with the main points you want to communicate. Use both sides for more space.

Use Mobile Phone Apps

There are a variety of mobile apps available for the trade show industry that will allow you to connect with other attendees and exhibitors through your phone. You can also have an itinerary available for readers to find out what is going on at your display system. One mobile app available is EMA, which works for most smart phones and contains the conference agenda, exhibit directory, attendee messaging, and social media integration.

Most attendees don t want to carry a massive amount of papers with them and will definitely appreciate using one of these ideas to get more details on your company, as well as products and services. Whether you have pop up displays, custom displays, or truss systems, these ideas will help draw in a crowd and will make your booth remembered long after the show!