As you prepare your trade show booth for the upcoming convention, advertising your booth at least a month before the event is important in order to let your target audience know when and where the show will take place. This is a great way to increase traffic to your display booth. One way to effectively advertise your trade show exhibit is not just by telling your audience about it, but by showing them. Video is a powerful tool if used correctly. Here are some ways you can use video and get the results you want at the event.

Giveaways at trade show displays can be extremely effective because you re giving potential new customers something to take with them that have your logo and company info on it. They will be able to remember your display booth at trade shows every time they use the product. If you think you have found the perfect promotional item to hand out, ask yourself these questions first:

Increasing traffic to trade show displays is no longer limited to only social media and print ads, but is now done through mobile applications. Flip cell phones are now being thought of as "dinosaur-phones" because an overwhelming number of people prefer smart phones, like Blackberries and iPhones. With the demand for these phones also comes the demand for mobile apps, since they make it more convenient to do business, shop, and use social media with the touch of a button. Here are a few of the mobile apps that are available for exhibitors of show displays in order to bring in more traffic and connect with attendees and other exhibitors before the event even begins.

Whether your company sells cutting-edge computers or sweaters, social media allows you to reach out to a larger audience and connect with customers in a way you are not able to do with other marketing tools, like print ads. One of the most popular social networking websites is Facebook and can not only be used as a way to promote your business, but also to promote your trade show display.

Trade shows allow you to increase brand awareness for your company, while social media is used to increase your internet presence and reach a larger audience. Combine the two advertising channels and you get explosive results that will help your trade show display traffic and customers. So, what are some ways to effectively use social media to promote show displays?

More exhibitors are saving money by not printing hundreds of brochures and company literature, and, instead are turning to technological tools to relay important information at their show displays. Not only will you spend less money by not printing promotional literature, but you will also create less waste by having fewer papers for everyone to end up throwing away. Your audience and the environment will appreciate the fact that wastes will be reduced by printing less literature. Here are some ideas on how to use technology to educate your audience on the products and services they can find at your company.

Interested in using Twitter to market your next trade show exhibit? Good idea! Ever since Twitter won the Webby Award for Breakout of The Year , Twitter has been steadily gaining ground in the social media networking arena. In fact, according to research from Forrester, Twitter has grown in size by approximately 6-9 million registered users. Not too shabby indeed!

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you have probably heard of Pinterest by now. After all, the website did receive a forty fold increase in traffic during the second half of 2011 alone. Further, as of December 2011, the Pinterest site boasted of 10.4 million users. That said, should you promote your next trade show exhibit on Pinterest?

Decided to use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business? Great! However, how do you go about marketing your trade show exhibit effectively?

YouTube is a great way to promote your show display because seeing is believing. Sometimes your audience needs to see the trade show booth before they want to stop by and see what all the buzz is about. There are successful ways of utilizing this social media website before, after, and during conventions.