b2b-social-media-marketing-businessSocial media marketing for B2B can be absolutely powerful when you understand how your team and business can use social media for generating leads. Here are three things to think about when you re planning your marketing strategy to generate leads:


When budgets are tight and decisions have to be made on what are the best ways to spend the years marketing budget, making a decision on whether or not to attend/market at a tradeshow is always up for debate. To show or not to show, that is the question. Is that the best way to spend your company money and find cost effective ways to market the upcoming show?

Getting ready for your next B2B Trade Show Exhibit? Soooo... trade-show-exhibit-floor-marketing Thousands of messages blaring across the exhibitor floor have become the bane of every company that pays for space at trade conferences. Spending dollar after dollar, year after year, all while leads are more and more difficult to capture, frustrate the best of your sales team. Are your sales teams operating with their hands tied behind their backs at your trade conferences? When walking the trade show exhibit floor, they observe so many people in booths still not using digital tools, techniques, and strategies to their advantage. Are you complicit in perpetuating this problem by not embracing the use of digital solutions?

Trade shows, conventions and other face-to-face events are now an incredibly huge industry, and as such there exists a voluminous amount of online articles and other written materials. Personally, I have researched and written over forty articles on various trade show topics. Yet from all of the research I have seen on such events, I ve learned that enjoying success as an exhibitor can be boiled down to five must-do actions, as follows:

I have read articles that say to be careful with adding too much electronics to your trade show booth. Completely disagree with those people! Although in the grand scheme of things, we humans are still in our technological infancy, this is a booming time for electronic gadgets and gizmos. My opinion is, use as much electronics and technology as you can in your display. People these days expect it! As we all know well, there are entire trade shows and conventions devoted solely to the latest in electro-technology. Because it works! Electronics catch the eye naturally and quickly, and pull people in after all, isn t that what a trade show booth is supposed to do?

pre tradeshow marketingWhether it s your first trade show exhibit, or you are a trade show veteran, it pays handsomely to do extensive pre-show marketing. This will increase the success of your trade show tremendously, because you will be increasing traffic to your booth, in addition to unsolicited attendees of the show. Also, thoughtful pre-show marketing will bring pre-qualified buyers directly to your fabric display for face-to-face contact. It is best to think of it as a targeted, coordinated, pre-show promotional campaign.

4-piece marketing-strategyIt is easy to spot a good marketing strategy when you know what to look for in the plan. Within the overall Sales and Marketing Plan, the main goal is to grow the business, of course. There are many avenues or channels that can be pursued in the marketing plan, but in general, a worthy plan must involve ways to cover these 4 main strategy categories:

trade show exhibit interactive kioskMost people who attend a trade show are a bit overwhelmed when entering the doors to the show. There s so much to see and do. And all of the exhibitors are competing for attention from the attendees. Certainly large custom exhibits will be noticed quickly, along with those trade show displays in prime locations, as well as the ones that have something up above the booth that is seen when people scan the showroom. But a successful display does not necessarily need to be the biggest or most glamorous in the show.
It is vitally important to include trade show giveaway items in your trade show budget. While your trade show display might make a good impression at the show, where is the guarantee that people will think of your company after the show is over? One of the surest ways to retain attention is to do giveaways at the show but not just any giveaway. Be careful to think out your giveaway strategy. Giveaways put something tangible into many hands and can drum up future business nearly as effectively as word of mouth.

Trade shows are not only good at increasing sales, but will also give you the opportunity to network with other professionals. These connections will last long past the event and can benefit both yours and their business. As well-designed as your trade show displays are, you will still need to leave your convention booth in order to meet other exhibitors and add them to your networking list.