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Not all startups can afford a slick marketing campaign. Some find it challenging to create a buzz about their products and services with a small marketing budget. If you re undergoing the same problem, attract a steady stream of customers by using traditional custom displays for offline marketing and social media for digital advertising.

trade show displays, custom show booths and displaysTrade shows are make-or-break situations. If you present properly, you ll increase the number of customers and sales. If you fail, the business won t expand. This is why setting up portable trade show booths and displays are important when presenting your business brand, products, and services to the public.

trade show marketing tipsMarketing has drastically changed from where it was 20 years ago. More and more companies are taking out fewer newspaper ads and are turning to their social media pages to get the word about. It is only fitting that social media is to be used to promote your trade show booth.

Trade show booth staff every booth needs them, but very few companies have qualified employees running their display and representing their company at events. Even if this is the first show your company will be a part of, training employees to be trade show all-stars is much easier than you may think. First of all, lets talk about characteristics your staffers should have before you invite them to be a part of your trade show booth exhibits:


Worried about the expenses involved in exhibiting at trade shows? With the right planning and preparing, the results from your trade show display will more than pay for itself in a couple trade shows. Here are some ways you can enhance your trade show booth results and get the most out of your display system.

Hundreds of people may walk past your trade show display systems, and even stop by to check it out, but without a pre-show marketing strategy, you probably wont be getting very many quality leads. Reaching out to your target market prior to the big event is a must for the best results. Here are some ideas on how to promote your display booth and get the most out of your exhibit.

Planning and properly executing your trade show booth is critical in order to get traffic to your display and become a trade show success story. However, if your results arent being measured, then all of your efforts have been wasted. There are a number of things that can be done before, during, and after the show to tell you and your staff if the event was worth your time. Below are the top 5 ways you can measure results and find out if you were a hit or a flop at the show.


Most people I talk to about trade shows always seem interested in the best leads they can create. They dont realize that some of their best leads are slipping through their fingers as they leave their trade show display. They are right they should be the most interested in the best leads they can get however there are secondary leads that may not seem as strong but could come strong next year or create a contact list during the slow times. I can give an example of the largest sale I ever had at a show, it was from a clothing store in and I sold handmade wooden products. This company had come by and casually looked at our products and handed me their card showing that they were a clothing department store. I classified this company as a three prospect, which will make more sense as you read this article.

Next to Facebook, Twitter is one of the most popular social media outlets out there, with millions of viewers a day. While some people use it for personal uses, others use Twitter to promote their brand and draw awareness to their business. Not only does this social networking tool work great for advertising, but it can also be used to bring attention to an upcoming trade show or event that your company will be at.

repetition-marketingIt is no secret that the more we hear something, the easier it is to remember. Well, the same goes with trade show displays; if a marketing message is consistent, attendees will remember your booth and company when they are in the market for a service or product you offer. Only positive results can come from repeating a message and here are a few reasons why repetition is key to a successful marketing campaign and tradeshow booth.