Using social media before, during, and after the big trade show can make a huge impact on the success of your display booth. It will make it easy for you to reach a larger audience than you would with any other marketing campaign.

The most important piece of preparing for a trade show is having the right booth. Exhibitors spend hours designing the perfect trade show exhibits, it is not only the design your booth that will attract an audience. The right marketing strategy will not only draw people to your company on the trade show floor, but will also give your attendees something to talk about to their friends, co-workers, and family.

Trade Show QuestionsEver wonder why one trade show display exhibit gets more attention than others at the event? There are a number of factors that create an intriguing booth that will gain an interest in the mind of a potential buyer. So what can you do to have one of these popular booths that gets plenty of traffic? Here are questions to ask yourself if you want to get those results at your next convention.

Using LinkedIn for Trade ShowsLinkedIn is an excellent social media tool to use for professionals looking to connect with other industry pros. This website can also become very useful if you are a trade show exhibitor for a number of reasons. Here are some ways to make the most of your LinkedIn account and boost traffic to your trade show exhibit displays.

Trade Show Leads and SalesMonths are spent preparing for a trade show, from the trade show booth design to ordering all of the promotional literature and products you need to order. After all of that planning, if you don t have a proper lead management strategy in place, your efforts will be wasted.

Social Media at Trade ShowsSocial media has become a valuable component to most business s marketing campaigns since they do allow you to reach a larger audience and costs little to no money. Not only has social networking become popular in marketing departments, but they have also become a huge part trade show exhibiting.

Technology today has made it so much easier for your business to be found. Using the Internet combined with mobile apps and social media is not only excellent coverage for your business, but also for trade show booths.

Lead Generation At Trade Shows

Trade shows are often geared around specific niches, so being able to stand out in a crowd of other show display booths and attract people who are interested in the products or services that you offer is vital to the return on your investment. Trade shows can be one of the most expensive forms of lead generation.


Sales and marketing departments go hand-in-hand when preparing for trade show events. However, when teams of people from different departments begin working together, it can either help or hinder your trade show display plans, especially when no one wants to work together. No need to worry because the relationship between the sales and marketing employees can be changed to create a more dynamic, beneficial team for your company at expos.


Despite the rapid adoption of technology and digital media in marketing, physical trade shows remain an important part of B2B marketers strategies. Trade show can mean big business to exhibitors using marketing automation for their trade shows. From increased efficiency in information collection and organization from visitors to their trade show displays, to consistent lead nurturing and accurate ROI, marketing automation can yield dramatic results for trade show exhibitors.