Using social media in combination with trade shows is a great way to broaden your audience reach and boost your brand awareness. As effective as social media can be, engaging with your audience isnt always easy. These tips will help you create a more engaging social media presence and increased traffic at your trade show exhibits.

How to Measure Marketing Impressions at Trade ShowsWant to know how successful you were at your last trade show? These tips will help you measure your results in order to determine if it was worth your efforts or if you should move on to a different trade show.

Trade shows are an important aspect of any marketing campaign because they allow businesses to meet their target audience face-to-face, increase their brand awareness, and network with other industry professionals. However, strategy and planning are needed to create successful show displays. Here are some tips from Dick Wheeler on how to create a successful trade show display.

Any successful business owner will tell you that marketing is a department you cannot afford to cut. The right trade show marketing strategy can help launch your brand into superstardom, becoming a household name among other professionals in your industry and consumers alike. Marketing is essential to driving attention to your products, services, or business for success and the same holds true for trade shows.

Guerilla Marketing Ideas to Shake up Your Trade Show DisplayMost exhibitors rely on the tried and true ways of promoting their trade show displays. Some prefer putting a little blurb out there on social media for their audience to see, while others take out an ad in their local newspaper or TV channel in order to get more traffic to their booth. These methods have definitely worked in the past, but unless they have a spectacular design, they will most likely be forgotten.

How to Incorporate Email Marketing Into Your Exhibiting StrategyBy the time most attendees get to the event, they already have an idea of what trade show displays they want to visit and who they would like to meet. One of the most often overlooked tools to getting more traffic to your booth is through email marketing. If done correctly, this marketing method has numerous benefits, including:
Boosts the number of leads that stop by your booth
Increases brand or company awareness
Allows you to quickly follow up with leads
Gets customers, prospects, and the media talking, including those that won t be at the trade show

5 Ways to Make Face-to-Face Marketing Work for Your BusinessFace-to-face marketing is not a new concept, but one that many businesses still are hesitant to start using. What these naysayers do not realize is that meeting customers directly instead of through an advertisement is the most effective way to build a strong relationship with that potential customer. And one of the most effective ways to use face-to-face marketing is through trade show Marketing.

If no attendees know you will be there, your trade show efforts are essentially wasted. Most trade show attendees have a clear idea of what trade show exhibits they want to see before they get to the show. Strong pre-show promotion will let your customers and potential prospects know about your exhibit.

Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, and are not only helpful in promoting your business in the public eye, but also in driving traffic to your trade show booth. There are several directions you can go in when it comes to getting the word out about your exhibit and promoting your company at the trade show, but here are some of the most common ways that you will be glad you did.

An exhibit at a trade show is a way to communicate your companys marketing message in three dimensions. By its construction and appearance, it can tell show visitors something about your company before they even read your graphics or talk with one of your representatives. It can suggest you are a traditionally-oriented company with old school principles and values. A different design might convey the message that your company is on the cutting edge of research, design or technical innovation. Your exhibit is a means to an end: a vehicle to carry your marketing message to attendees at a trade show exhibits.